Looking at 100 Million Downloads

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An official announcement is hard to find, but Sean Coffey of Sun Microsystems says has crossed the 100 million-download mark:


A great achievement! It always amazes me when I get mates asking me whether they need Microsoft office on their new PC/Laptop that they might be considering to purchase. Sadly - alot of them haven't even heard of OpenOffice. Once I enlighten them of this software, they're well chuffed with the fact that they have as good a product (or better) for FREE ! PC sales folks tend to pick on easy targets for selling of software that's not necessary.


As of Aug. 25, had counted up 98 million downloads. That was the last update provided by OpenOffice on its stats page. Complete stats are difficult to track, says, but its growth has been "continued as massive."

OpenOffice is an open source version of Star Office, which Sun Microsystems bought in 1999. It even has its own derivatives, including , which used to be known as OpenOffice Premium. Of all those downloads, it's hard to say exactly how many are active users.

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