What If Your Customers Can't Get to the Cloud?

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Everyone is focusing on the cloud. It's revolutionary. The cloud allows you to access anything from anywhere. How cool is that?

Cloud services give you the ability to spend monthly on things that would have cost millions and needed to be replaced in the past. Even offices are getting replaced since remote workers can access their work and company databases in the cloud.

But what happens if you can't get to the cloud?

The answer lies in accessing the cloud through various network services. At its most basic, you have to connect to the cloud, just like electricity or water for your house. There is a utility side to having cloud services, which we like to refer to as a network. It should be on when you need it, you can pay a flat rate for what you use, and it should always work—it's a utility.

The Internet is the least expensive, farthest-reaching network ever created and is often a solution used to connect to cloud services.

Ethernet, if you are lucky to be near it, is an amazing tool for making your possessions in the cloud faster.

I am very excited about using classic carriers like Verizon and CenturyLink to get private MPLS connections to the cloud. When it's private, it never touches the Internet. So when all your friends are picking their fantasy football picks, my cloud service won't be affected because I am on my own private utility, which never touches the public Internet.

If you are really concerned about failure, the cable companies run a completely separate network to ensure your cloud has no single point of failure. It's fast and reliable and a newer development in network offerings.

Even wireless technologies are used to ensure you have no stormy days with your cloud.

So while you all migrate to the cloud, remember, you need to get to it somehow.

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