No Kids, The Internet Will Not Explode On Thursday

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Outside of this blog, of course, you should never believe everything you read. Case in point: news on Wednesday the Internet would be the victim of a major terrorist attack. The whole thing began when word leaked out of Russia late Tuesday night that Israeli Web sites would be the target of an "electronic Jihad." These reports came after the Russian news service RIA Novosti published comments by antivirus guru Eugene Kaspersky saying that several Web sites had posted a dramatic call to arms.

By Wednesday afternoon, however, it was clear the entire episode was a hoax. First, the Novosti site has become notorious for sensationalism since the fall of the Soviet Union--the National Enquirer of Russia. What's more, as the kick-ass site VMyths explains, it's clear that Kaspersky's comments were based on sketchy information at best, and that the Novosti site appears to have mistranslated some of his comments, blowing them entirely out of proportion.

Fear not, kind reader. Officials at antivirus vendor Symantec report that the company does not plan to raise its Internet threat level on Thursday, and the SANS "Internet Storm Center" currently reports a "green" status for the Internet. SANS "predicts that the Internet will not vaporize into a cloud of nothingness this Thursday, but if it does, it's been our pleasure to help stave off its inevitable annihilation this long." Finally, a little levity. If only some of us technology journalists could employ the same.