EMC Channel Chatter

Cashing in on Convergence

For value-added resellers who partner with Dell EMC, now is the time to cash in on infrastructure convergence and the momentum of hyper-converged infrastructure. Dell EMC Ready Nodes and Ready Bundles create a fast route to success in this rapidly emerging market.

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The Next Wave of Virtualization

Cloud has revolutionized computing from the desktop to the data center and, perhaps even more meaningfully, down to the mobile devices we work and play with. The cloud approach of scalable shared infrastructure has allowed customers to consider both purchasing and deploying information technology resources in more flexible, cost-effective ways.

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Cash Management in the DigitalĀ Age

The solution described in this white paper is for banks that have a commercial line of business that provides deposit and lending services for their corporate customers. This paper outlines a path forward for commercial lines of business to exploit available cash management data to understand customer behavior to ensure that the cash management portfolio meets performance targets and to find more opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell of additional services to manage cash flows, cash positions and liquidity.

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