EMC Channel Chatter

  • Modernize Your Storage Portfolio With A Modern Platform

    Nearly all of us have a gadget somewhere in our house that isn’t really as up to date as we’d like and, as a result, is sprouting cables, plug-ins and accessories so that we can jerry-rig the features that are missing.  Maybe it’s a TV with an external tuner to add more channels, a wireless adapter and an Apple TV.  Or maybe it’s a laptop with an external hard drive and a memory expansion kit.

    Either way, it’s not just the elegance of the solution that ends up being compromised, it’s also the ease of use.  It’s the half a dozen remote controls...

  • Four Questions Resellers Should Ask Vendors To Simplify Their Sales

    A wise man (I think it was Homer Simpson) once applied the principles of quicksand to the workplace to say, “Don’t struggle; you’ll only sink faster.”

    While that may sound negative, there’s an element of good sense about it.  Installing a new storage array for your clients should be simple.  If it’s not, and you struggle with your implementation, continuing to struggle with the same complicated array for other customers is only going to damage your reputation, push you over your deadlines and eat into your profits.

    That’s why simplicity...

  • Think You Know The EMC Partner Program?

    In some people's minds, the name EMC can summon up images of large, expensive storage arrays, delivered by a corporate sales force to huge enterprise companies.

    So it might surprise many resellers to discover that EMC actually sells to more midrange companies than enterprises; offers popular software versions of its leading products, such as VNX and Data Domain; and sells more through the channel than it does through its direct sales force.

    And, with more exciting opportunities coming for our reseller partners in 2016, EMC is continuing...