The Daily App: Zaarly for Android, iOS

The Daily App, Zaarly

Fighting against the old adage that "you can never find good help" is Zaarly and its free namesake app for Android, iOS and the web. Like free classified ads on the web, Zaarly leverages social networks to help people locate "a professional chef to prepare a home-cooked meal, get paid to make a website for a small business, meet a techie from your building or discover a vintage furniture store with the perfect dining room set." Or just to find work.

Zaarly also can notify registrants of opportunities in the local area, giving businesses a new means to generate qualified leads, with reminders pushed to mobile devices. An update to the Android version posted in June adds the ability to post profiles, photos and basic information such as education and work experience along with the number of social connections a person has, giving people a means to vet prospects. Each user controls how much of their information is displayed. Buyers and sellers can post feedback a la eBay, and the tool's request process has been simplified to a single screen, there's no expiration date and requests can be saved for easy repetition.