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  • The Haves And Have Nots
    I got to thinking how analogous new methods of dealing with commuter traffic actually are to corporate networks, what with applications such as VoIP, Webcasting and the like becoming more prevalent at the corporate level.
  • Galaxy Gazing
    Over past two decades, Sun Microsystems has been up and down. Sun has tried to right itself by emphasizing software, but at its core, Sun remains a hardware company. So the question is, what will Sun focus on to regain its competitive edge in hardware?
  • Why Aren't You Blogging?
    Strip away the hype and hip-factor, and blogging is simply an efficient and potentially potent way to reach customers and business partners. So why aren't you blogging?
  • Autonomic Amigos
    Although Alan Ganek, CTO of IBM's Tivoli unit, and Ozzie Papic, CEO of Net Integration Technologies, have never met, they are on the same road to next-generation computing. That's because both of them are diehard proponents of autonomic computing, which essentially means they strongly believe that systems should be able to heal themselves.
  • Are You There?
    Since many of us use AOL Instant Messenger extensively to communicate on deadline (and with a growing number of sources), I feel strangely remote whenever I'm cut off from it.
  • It's as simple as losing a number

    Ready To Start Over?
    We might just be able to live on, and possibly function even better, if we simply started over.
  • What you believe about your company says a lot about you

    Skeptic Or True Believer?
    Truth be told, far too many companies believe they have an advantage over their rivals by simple virtue of what they have lying around.