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  • Soupy Salesforce
    As the CEO of, Marc Benioff alternates between being an enlightened capitalist who follows the muse of the Dali Lama and a 21st century rendition of the Playboy of the Western World.
  • Browser War II
    An emerging browser war between those supporting Firefox and those backing Microsoft's Internet Explorer could lead to more heated rhetoric--as well as innovation.
  • The Virtual Vanguard
    Virtualization is all the rage these days as IT organizations now routinely look for ways to optimize both workstation and server hardware, And nobody has benefited more from that trend than the folks at VMware, which was were scooped up last year by EMC for $635 million.
  • It's OOW Time
    At Oracle OpenWorld the company tries, again, to build channel rapport, but skepticism remains.
  • Get Ready For Robo-Nerds
    Bill Gates says the age of robotics could boost software development in as little as three or four years.
  • The Coming Data Battles
    Every now and again you run into somebody at a company that just seems to get it a little bit more than everybody else. In the case of Veritas, that person may very well be Matt Fairbanks, the company's director of technical marketing.
  • Microsoft Partner Program Update
    Got a call from Microsoft yesterday. Seems the channel executive management team was eager to get in front of any negative news surrounding the implementation of one of the largest channel reorganizations in the company's history.
  • Day Of Fame
    Guess I've been stressed beyond belief about this year's CRN Industry Hall of Fame event, which we held two nights ago in Mountain View, Calif.
  • On A Clear Day
    Only in Ireland is it considered a compliment to call someone both brilliant and mad. And nobody in the IT industry personifies those traits better than Annrai O'Toole, the Irish-born CEO of Cape Clear, a provider of tools for building Web services applications that has its U.S. headquarters in Waltham, Mass.