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  • Get a load of the grist companies are serving up today

    Don't Eat The Baloney
    Competitive pressures, corporate cultures and executive perks explain only part of the baloney that companies serve up.
  • Thawing Out In Chicago
    I dropped by CDW headquarters in Vernon Hills, Ill., for a tour of its new-ish enterprise configuration center.
  • An Extended Ramble About BPO
    I decided to write my impressions about one particular part of its 2005 strategy, business processing outsourcing (BPO), as an extended blog entry, because in some ways I believe BPO is just an extension of the whole managed services dialogue.
  • Licensed To Kill
    Despite 30 years of effort, trying to manage and track software licenses remains an infuriating process.
  • On Passing Fads And Stock Splits
    Apple's 2-for-1 stock split is something you don't see every day--at least, not anymore. Neither is Dell's underestimation of a key competitor.
  • The Sippl Effect
    One of the unfortunate truths about software is that there is no such thing as an overnight revolution.
  • Why Microsoft Should Be Afraid
    Microsoft faces defections of Wintel partisans to Macs in the home market and sluggish EA renewals in the enterprise.
  • Revenue accountability can be a double-edged sword

    What's Your Number?
    More people I meet now have a number. The number I am talking about is the one people see when they look in the mirror, a number burning so hot in their minds that they can see it through their skulls. That number is the portion of revenue they are responsible for at their companies.