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  • Innovation On Display
    For a cut-throat industry with razor-thin product margins, the LCD space continues to offer dazzing innovations.
  • Are upgrades as popular as before?

    The Lure Of The New And Improved
    For years, selling upgrades was a staple of many businesses. But changing customer-buying habits, more complex products and other factors have conspired to interrupt what was once reliable streams of revenue for many
  • 10GbE To Reshape Storage, Bandwidth
    The adoption and deployment of 10GbE, which is going to be bursting on the scene rather heavily within the next six months, will change the entire landscape of how businesses address their storage and bandwidth needs.
  • All That Energy
    I have no doubt that we'll start hearing more and more about techno-gangs.
  • More From Microsoft WWPC
    Microsoft's Kevin "KJ" Johnson had some fun at the expense of rival software powers Saturday morning.
  • It's Not A Job, It's A Profession
    In the course of reporting an upcoming story in our Fast Growth Security issue, it became increasingly obvious that security is just a perfect example of why a certification-only approach to building IT skills is so short-sighted.
  • The Real Scoop From Microsoft WWPC
    The big scoop out of this year's Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference will not be the updates on sales strategy/customer resegmentation/CRM/partner programs, SQL Server, etc. The REAL scoop will be that next year's conference will be DURING THE WEEK. As in NOT ON A WEEKEND. This is indeed big news for many.