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  • Back in a Flash
    Next Generation of Macromedia Flash platform should be worth challenger to Microsoft.
  • Paying Dividends
    Merrill Lynch says it may be time for more technology companies to start paying dividends to shareholders.
  • Here's To Nick Ciarelli
    Nick Ciarelli, of Think Secret fame, committed the cardinal sin or digging out and reporting Apple news before Apple was ready to announce it.
  • IBM Versus Goog-zilla?
    Is IBM/Lotus sticking its head in the lion's mouth with its deal to allow the Google Desktop Search application to work with Lotus Notes inboxes?
  • Microsoft, We're All Waiting...
    It is truly amazing how much influence Microsoft has on the industry as a whole. The company is so influential that it's able to predict the rate at which a technology is adopted--and it all stems from the life cycles of its software and product releases.
  • What Are You Worth?
    CRN's annual Compensation Survey (coming up in late June) will help you reassess your career worth But while you're waiting, you can check out this index to see how you're faring.
  • Has Google Got Game (Enough)?
    Google's adding portal, business search, and other goodies to its portfolio. But can diversification stem Microsoft search momentum?
  • Password Follies
    Putting security costs into perspective, when weighed against the breach of the blabbermouth employee.
  • What we have here is a failure to communicate

    Get a Handle On Corporatespeak
    Novell CEO Jack Messman openly derides the names of some very innovative products that his company has brought to market. The reason? Nobody can understand what they do, he says.