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  • What we have here is a failure to communicate

    Get a Handle On Corporatespeak
    Novell CEO Jack Messman openly derides the names of some very innovative products that his company has brought to market. The reason? Nobody can understand what they do, he says.
  • Mercury Rising
    EAI vendors have begun to embark on creating EAI platforms that could better integrate people into complex business processes.
  • Mobile Madness
    Is it just me, or is the buzz around viruses that could infiltrate mobile phones or other embedded systems growing louder?
  • Way ahead of where it began, there's still room for improvement

    In Search Of The Perfect Notebook
    His name doesn't come up as much as it did when he was CEO of Netscape, but Jim Barksdale deserves to be credited, if nothing else, for his unforgettable wit.
  • Where'd Google Go?
    Google was gone yesterday. The search site--and ancillary services--went down for a time on Saturday. The company blamed a DNS glitch.
  • If your company doesn't know, then it may be on the wrong track

    Hey, What's the Big Idea?
    Innovation, along with the midmarket and VoIP, is clearly hot today. Everyone, it seems, is looking for the next Big Idea.
  • Spitzer Takes On Spyware
    New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is now turning the crosshairs on suspected spyware offenders.
  • The Haves And Have Nots
    I got to thinking how analogous new methods of dealing with commuter traffic actually are to corporate networks, what with applications such as VoIP, Webcasting and the like becoming more prevalent at the corporate level.