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  • Apple's Bungle With Blogs
    Apple and CEO Steve Jobs have yet to grasp how the Blogosphere works, but they're set to learn about it--perhaps the hard way.
  • Vincent Vents
    CRN Test Center's Technical Editor Vincent Randazzese lets off some steam about technology, the channel and industry issues.
  • MSP Mayhem
    Back in the bad old days of the Internet boom and irrational exuberance, a lot of capital was thrown down a rat hole known as managed services. But the managed-services business model is back with a vengeance, and there is a war over who is going to control this burgeoning sector of the market.
  • What would you do at the helm of your company?

    What If You Were CEO?
    After Hewlett-packard decided it had had enough of Carly Fiorina, many people in our industry began offering opinions of what they would have done with HP during the five years she ran the joint.
  • Atlas Shrugs
    While outsourcing has been something of a boon for the channel, the more recent trend of wholesale business process outsourcing represents a more problematic conundrum for solution providers.
  • No Nudity Allowed
    Within the halls of IBM these days, the No. 1 competitive topic on everybody's mind is competing with EMC. And heading up the IBM posse to take out EMC is Denise Buonaiuto, vice president of global business partner sales for IBM's Systems and Technology Group.
  • Get a load of the grist companies are serving up today

    Don't Eat The Baloney
    Competitive pressures, corporate cultures and executive perks explain only part of the baloney that companies serve up.
  • Thawing Out In Chicago
    I dropped by CDW headquarters in Vernon Hills, Ill., for a tour of its new-ish enterprise configuration center.