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  • Keep these in mind when on your next business trip

    The New Rules of the Road
    Shrinking hotel soaps, cheap bed linens and fewer complimentary lint-grabbing mitts have prompted me to rethink everything about business travel.
  • Mel Karmazin's Sirius Whirlwind Of Activity
    One of the busiest men at last week's International Computer Electronics Show 2005 was Mel Karmazin, the former Infinity Broadcasting/Viacom chief who is now CEO of Sirius, the satellite radio company.
  • Integrating IBM
    If you looked simply at his resume for the past few years, you might conclude that he has trouble holding a job. But in fact, Mike Borman, appointed vice president of sales for IBM's Software Group earlier this week, has emerged as something of a troubleshooter within IBM.
  • Good Luck To You!
    Apparently, I'm a little remiss in my online reading. Just noticed that one of my favorite bloggers is changing venues.
  • If it's cliche business jargon, consider what you're saying

    So What's In Your DNA?
    For reasons having nothing to do with stem cell research, what's in people's DNA keeps coming up more and more.
  • Flexing Some Muscle
    Rob Burgess, the CEO of Macromedia, is the most unlikely revolutionary. And yet it may very well be this mild mannered Canadian that may ultimately prove to be the biggest threat to Microsoft on the planet today.
  • It's Time To Act
    Technically speaking, I'm supposed to write this blog about technology, but not today. Matters tech just seem far too trivial.
  • New Year Almost Here!
    Since this is the season when we journalists are paid for reflection, there are plenty of such pieces out there for you to skim on the Web today.
  • Paying The Cost
    In the immortal words of B.B. King, Marc Fleury, is paying the cost to be the boss.
  • Finally, Some Time To Think
    Now that our office is deserted in anticipation of the long holiday weekend, I spent some time visiting my favorite blogsters and news sites. And here are my impressions on the eve of Christmas Eve.