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  • Why Sally Ride Is a Hero
    Many women in technology were inspired by the first female astronaut in space. But that's not why she's a hero.
  • How To Build More Secure, Flexible Networks
    To really be on top of network security, you can't just install a firewall at the edge and upload anti-virus software on every computer. A proactive approach is needed to guard effectively against network threats.
  • How To Be Agile In IT
    Julie Parrish, vice president of worldwide sales at NetApp, asks partners, “'Agility' in IT — Are You Ready? What’s Your Answer?"
  • The Daily App: GateGuru for Android, iOS
    What food and newsstand options are available following airport security screening? GateGuru provides this information along with real-time reviews and flight status too.
  • But will he be crippled by channel shortcomings?

    Steve Ballmer Is Back
    Microsoft's Steve Ballmer is back and his competitive juices are flowing again.
  • Can We Have It All?
    We salute women who make a difference in technology in CRN's Annual Women of the Channel issue.
  • Playing The Tablet Card
    Microsoft should put a plan in place to drive its tablet through solution providers in the business marketplace.
  • The Daily App: HootSuite for iOS
    Tired of posting the same messages to multiple social sites? HootSuite manages Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Google+ accounts from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • How To Choose a Data Backup Appliance That's Just Right
    In the appliance implementation of data protection software packages, many competitive topics get left out of the discussion between solution providers and their customers. Here, John Pearring, manager of sales for STORServer, discusses those, including support and maintenance, positioning, financial factors and more.
  • How To Defend Against Security Threats
    Security breaches and all the associated headaches amount to a business problem of roughly $77 billion. The president and CEO of Net Optics offers some advice on trimming that figure way back.
  • The Daily App: for iOS for iOS devices enables you to watch and listen to book reviews, providing a solid understanding of professional books without having to read them from cover to cover.