Siebel Has Left The Building

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This probably qualifies as non-news, but Tom Siebel has left the building. Siebel Systems that is, which has officially been part and parcel of Oracle for a little over a month.

Oracle completed its nearly $6 billion buyout of Tom's eponymous CRM company February 1. Since then some were dying to ask Larry, Charles (Chuck) and gang about Tom's continued tenure or lack thereof in the glass towers in Redwood Shores. The thing was, no mere reporter is allowed to ask questions on the earnings call and no analysts thought to ask. And there have been few opportunities to chat with Chuck/Safra et al. of late.

But finally on Friday, an Oracle spokeswoman confirmed the conventional thinking that Siebel has left Seibel, er Oracle.

At one point months ago in the buyout process, Ellison was asked about Tom Siebel's future at the company. Ellison made some noncommital commitment that he foresaw a role for Tom at the company for quite some time.

As the pro-am golf shindig at Pebble Beach got off the ground last month, San Francisco Chronicle wag wrote that Tom soon have more time to perfect his game. And have plenty of pals to practice with to boot given the Siebel and Oracle sorts who got canned around that time.

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