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  • Get a load of the grist companies are serving up today

    Don't Eat The Baloney
    Competitive pressures, corporate cultures and executive perks explain only part of the baloney that companies serve up.
  • Thawing Out In Chicago
    I dropped by CDW headquarters in Vernon Hills, Ill., for a tour of its new-ish enterprise configuration center.
  • An Extended Ramble About BPO
    I decided to write my impressions about one particular part of its 2005 strategy, business processing outsourcing (BPO), as an extended blog entry, because in some ways I believe BPO is just an extension of the whole managed services dialogue.
  • Licensed To Kill
    Despite 30 years of effort, trying to manage and track software licenses remains an infuriating process.
  • On Passing Fads And Stock Splits
    Apple's 2-for-1 stock split is something you don't see every day--at least, not anymore. Neither is Dell's underestimation of a key competitor.
  • The Sippl Effect
    One of the unfortunate truths about software is that there is no such thing as an overnight revolution.
  • Why Microsoft Should Be Afraid
    Microsoft faces defections of Wintel partisans to Macs in the home market and sluggish EA renewals in the enterprise.
  • Revenue accountability can be a double-edged sword

    What's Your Number?
    More people I meet now have a number. The number I am talking about is the one people see when they look in the mirror, a number burning so hot in their minds that they can see it through their skulls. That number is the portion of revenue they are responsible for at their companies.
  • A Lesson In Simple
    Every now and again, you run into CEOs who are 100 percent focused on the business rather than on themselves. Alas, finding those types of executives in an age where mainstream business coverage continues to de-evolve into extended People magazine articles is becoming increasingly difficult.