Best of Breed 2017 Conference

Best of Breed 2017 Conference

The 2017 installment of the annual Best of Breed Conference is in the books. Beyond gathering the channel's most influential executives, this year's show was highlighted by keynote discussions with four of the biggest CEOs in enterprise tech.

BoB Conference 2017 kicked off with a candid on-stage interview with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman. Whitman discussed her Presidential candidacy rumors and the co-opetition HPE sees in the market with other vendor giants. 

Whitman's rival, Dell CEO Michael Dell, closed the show with his own fireside-style chat. The PC entrepreneur-turned-technology-titan talked about the strategy behind his company's massive channel growth and the new life Dell leads as a private company.

The show also featured the CEOs of two very different companies with a lot in common – VMware's Pat Gelsigner and Docker's Steve Singh. A decade ago, VMware was the most disruptive company in Silicon Valley. Gelsigner talked about how VMware is reinventing itself these days by partnering with its competitors, as evidenced by its recent blockbuster deal with Amazon.

Singh, head of today's disruptive darling Docker, talked about the importance of leveraging openness and how not cannibalizing customers is Docker's key competitive distinguisher.

CRN's staff covered the event from end-to-end, including sessions with Larry Kudlow, the economist who helped write President Trump's tax reform plan, Dell EMC channel execs John Bryne and Gregg Ambulos, and Tom Deierlein, a former U.S. Army Major and CEO of ThunderCat.

Here's everything you may have missed.


    VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger On Rapid Growth In Non-VSphere Products, How Partnerships With Competitors Make Sense And Why Running Containers Without VMs Is 'A Stupid Idea'
    In a Q&A session on the main stage of this week's 2017 Best of Breed Conference, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger fielded questions on the company's new multi-cloud strategy, partnerships with rivals and the 'stupid idea' that you can run containers on bare-metal servers.


    HPE CEO Whitman: I Would 'Definitely Not Think About' Running For President, Next Career Step May Be 'Public Service'
    Whitman says her run for governor of California was "probably" her only "experimentation" with running for public office.


    HPE CEO Whitman: It's Time For Partners To Move From 'Farmers' To 'Hunters'
    Whitman took center stage at the 2017 Best of Breed conference in Atlanta and pledged to work hand-in-hand with solution providers to get in front of customers and help partners break into new accounts.


    Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell On Channel Sales Growth, The Benefits Of Being Privately Held And The Security Market's 'Dirty Little Secret'
    Dell answered questions at the 2017 Best of Breed conference in Atlanta about channel sales growth, the benefits of being privately held, beating public cloud and the 'dirty little secret' in the security market.


    GreenPages CEO Dupler: The Channel Wins By Providing Clarity, Helping Clients Chart A Course Forward
    Wrapping up The Channel Company's 2017 Best of Breed conference Tuesday evening, Dupler noted that the IT "confusion and complexity" the channel is navigating underscores just how vital IT has become to the success of all businesses.


    Three Leadership Lessons From ThunderCat CEO Tom Deierlein, A Former U.S. Army Major
    Three Leadership Lessons From ThunderCat CEO Tom Deierlein, A Former U.S. Army Major


    Docker CEO Steve Singh On The VMware Relationship, Security And The Opportunities Around Containers For Partners
    Singh took center stage at the Best of Breed conference on Tuesday and told solution provider his container tech company will win in a competitive market because of its openness and portability.


    Trump Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow: The Fed Is Part of The 'Swamp'; Now Is The Time To Pass Tax Reform
    Larry Kudlow, the conservative economist who helped write the Trump tax reform plan, says the Federal Reserve needs to stop worrying about inflation that doesn't exist.


    Docker CEO Urges Partners To Get Involved In The Rapid Adoption Of Containers, Public Cloud Growth
    Partners "typically see five to seven times multipliers on the profits" when they help enterprises move legacy applications to the cloud, using containers, said Docker CEO Steve Singh at the Best of Breed Conference.


    Dell Technologies Launches A New IoT Division And Partner Program Amid 'Great Boom' In Edge Computing
    Dell plans to invest $1 billion into IoT products, services and partners in the next three years.


    HPE CEO Meg Whitman On Upcoming Changes To Field Compensation, The Impact Of Dell On HPE's VMware Relationship And Why Hardware Still Matters In The Software-Defined Era
    Whitman tackled questions at the Best of Breed conference, ranging from the channel impact of the company's HPE Next restructuring to what her next career move might be after HPE.


    AWS Marketplace Now Offers Private Pricing For Partners
    The AWS Marketplace will now feature private pricing for solution providers ready to take advantage of the software selling opportunity, said David McCann, VP of AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services.


    LogicMonitor CEO: The Channel Is At The Forefront Of IoT As Customers Seek Trusted Subject Matter Experts
    LogicMonitor CEO Kevin McGibben said channel partners could help their customers overcome challenges in the current technology landscape and succeed with emerging technologies like IoT.


    Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell: Partners Are Fueling Huge Growth And 'We're Winning Big'
    It has been slightly more than a year since Dell closed the largest acquisition in the history of the IT industry and the channel is already benefiting from the conglomerate's scale.


    Deloitte CTO: Solution Providers Need To Help Customers Modernize Their Businesses and Prioritize Technology Trends
    Deloitte CTO Bill Briggs, during his opening remarks at Best of Breed 2017, said that solution providers are a critical component of their customers' digital strategy.


    Dell EMC Channel Chief Byrne Tells Partners To Keep Pushing Services For More Incentives
    Bryne and channel sales SVP Gregg Ambulos, along with CEO Michael Dell, all talked to Dell EMC partners on Monday during The Channel Company's Best of Breed conference in Atlanta.


    Trace3 CEO Beecher Credits The 'Human Element,' Honesty And A Simple Playbook As Keys To Becoming A Next-Gen Solution Provider
    "Everything we build at Trace3 is focused not just on selling to IT and helping IT architect itself, but how can IT rearchitect the business? Everything we do in technology is focused on helping these companies transform," Beecher said to fellow solution providers at the 2017 Best of Breed conference.