6 Questions For Accenture's Cloud Computing Captain

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Vendors And The Channel Accenture is partnered with most of the main players in the cloud. Are there any vendors that really 'get it' and get how to play cloud computing in the channel with solution providers? What is it that makes a difference in a vendor relationship?

Understand where a lot of these companies came from and what their channel strategies have been to date. I would argue that the cloud is just another thing. It's a different thing. They have to behave somewhat differently because they're moving to becoming service providers.

Even Cisco has CCaaS and UCaaS and their conferencing services. There's an adjustment for them to become a services provider, which they're working through. If they were good at doing channel stuff before they're good at doing channel stuff now. And if they weren't -- Google didn't really have a channel partner strategy, Amazon never really used channel partners -- they're learning how to do that as well. You can kind of take a page from where they've been historically in terms of how they've used partners and resellers and the like, which will form what they are today.

Each company has a different strategy. We all lump them into the cloud, but if you look across the patch at all of the various players and up and down the stack from infrastructure all the way up to applications they each have somewhat different strategies in terms of where they think it's important for them to play and the kinds of things they're going to be doing.

Salesforce is at the applications level; Microsoft is all the way up and down the stack and is even into cloud hosting now; IBM is up and down the stack; HP is somewhat lower in the stack; with Cisco UCS/VMware the control point is really at the hypervisor and potentially moving up into a platform. Each potential partner has a different view of what's important in the enterprise. For us, that will inform how we work with them as channel partners and where we can add the most value. When they understand that we can work better together.

Does Accenture break out its revenue for cloud-related services or cloud offerings? Over the next year how much of Accenture's revenue will come from the cloud?

No, not publicly. I can tell you we've commissioned work to look at the market itself and where the growth is likely to come. What sorts of services and at what pace and in what geographies and so on. The growth will be greater than the traditional IT services market, significantly greater in some instances. That was done from a top down meets bottom up estimate of IT spending, the kinds of things that companies spend on, some public information from companies that are already in the cloud space and their projected growth rates.

So we're looking at growth in general in the cloud services that are offered probably 25 percent to 30 percent for the foreseeable future. That information is confirmed by self-reported information from our survey participants, 80 percent of whom are planning on increasing their spending on cloud-based services going forward and one-third of those looking to double spending on cloud based services in the next 24 to 36 months. While we don't divulge Accenture specific statistics we believe it's a significant growth area and it will continue to outpace the growth of the general technology market.


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