CRN Applications and OS News

  • Borland Says Goodbye to IDE, Refocuses on ALM
    The success of open-source compilers and, to a lesser extent, Eclipse in the Java community have driven Borland to concentrate on its application life-cycle management products and drop its compilers and IDE technology.
  • Briefs: February 20, 2006
    Dell reported 52 percent earnings growth for its most recent quarter, handily beating Wall Street expectations, but the PC maker dampened forecasts for its current quarter.
  • ShadowRAM: February 20, 2006
    You gotta hand it to HP&'s Mark Hurd. He routinely takes questions from the press after each earnings release. IBM&'s Sam Palmisano, by contrast, makes like the Wizard of Oz. His only comments come from behind the curtain via a prepared statement with the latest numbers, and he&'s never on the call. An IBM tradition, maybe, but one that&'s outmoded. Maybe Hurd&'s openness is one reason HP is on a roll. And maybe Mr. Palmisano should reconsider his decision to opt out of a keynote at next month&'s IBM PartnerWorld.
  • Federal Government To Award $20 Billion in Set-Aside Contracts
    Federal dollars awarded to small businesses are expected to grow 43 percent compared to last year, according to a recent report from Reston, Va.-based research firm Input. Solution providers that can provide agencies with professional services stand the greatest chance of winning contracts, with 70 percent of total awards expected to fall into that category.
  • Analysis: Whither The Set-Top Box?
    Cable set-top boxes are becoming central pieces of digital integrators' offerings. But are their days limited? Some in the industry think so.
  • Linux, Unix Players Beef Up Security
    Even as Microsoft announces IE 7's support for InfoCards and planned Certificate Lifecycle Server, rivals Sun, Red Hat, and Novell try to one-up one another -- and Microsoft -- with security enhancements for Solaris and Linux.
  • Microsoft, SAP tap 'the little guys' to spread the good word on apps

    Vendors Think Small
    Software vendors see big opportunities in the small-business market. In fact, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and others have all been focusing on ways to make it easier and more cost-effective for smaller businesses--many of which don't have an IT manager or staff--to purchase and use technology.
  • Need more memory or speed? Here's how to choose.

    Is An Upgrade Worth the Time?
    Are your customers complaining that their screen redraws are taking forever as they run big apps? Are their formerly white-hot PCs no longer powerful enough to run the latest versions of Windows or Linux?
  • Microsoft, EMC Eye Enterprise Search
    The tech world has an insatiable appetite for search. Indeed, the planet&'s two largest search engines, Google and Yahoo, are creating much of the buzz, but a growing number of players are seeking to improve searches not only across the Web, but across the enterprise and desktop as well.
  • Architecting A Solution
    Telelogic&'s System Architect is positioned as an enterprise architecture and business process management solution.
  • rBuilder designed by several ex-Red Hat execs

    rPath Launches Linux Appliance, SaaS Platform
    Linux startup founded by key Red Hat execs launches rPath Linux and rBuilder to enable appliance and software-as-a-service development