CRN Applications and OS News

  • Reliable Backup With Buffalo
    Buffalo Technology has recently released the DriveStation 300-Gbyte SATA USB 2.0 HDD that can go across both Windows and Macintosh platforms and will cater to smaller budgets.
  • ShadowRAM: June 5, 2006
    If you need a stress test or any minor surgery in the near future, be warned: Grady Booch, chief scientist for IBM's Rational unit, has just raised the bar for coping with surgery.
  • Office effort gets bifurcated into platform and client efforts

    Microsoft Office Gets Two Chiefs In DelBene, Leblond
    The results are in. Former Microsoft Office chief Steven Sinofsky’s shoes have been filled—albeit by two pairs of feet—in Microsoft’s Office office.
  • Mac Virtual Machine Close To Final Release
    Parallels Inc. on Thursday launched the final pre-release version of virtualization software that lets Intel-powered Macintosh computers run Windows or Linux alongside Mac OS X.
  • Discusses impact of deal on Novell, Microsoft, Sun partnerships

    JBoss Chief Fleury Talks Up Red Hat Acquisition
    JBoss Chief Marc Fleury discussed Red Hat's $350 million purchase of JBoss and its impact on JBoss' dealings with Novell, Sun, IBM and Microsoft.
  • Stardust Macro Virus Targets Open Source Apps
    Macro viruses haven't been in the headlines since the late 1990s, but that changed this week when Kaspersky Lab revealed its discovery of a proof of concept macro that targets the open source applications OpenOffice and StarOffice.
  • Ballmer: Focus On Microsoft's Opportunities, Not Misfires
    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer steered clear of controversy Wednesday morning in a rare meeting with financial analysts, presenting the group with a ebullient vision of the opportunities before Microsoft while offering few comments about the problems buffeting the technology Goliath.
  • CA Delays Earnings
    The need to revamp CA's third-quarter fiscal 2006 earnings statement delayed the filing of its fourth-quarter and full fiscal year 2006 earnings which were expected to be announced Tuesday, the vendor said.
  • New Linux Inclinations?
    Based on the number of hits our Novell Linux story received this week, it's clear that the Vista delay has made some of you more receptive to operating system alternatives.
  • Microsoft: New WMP Photo Format Bests JPEG
    Microsoft unveiled a new photo format, Windows Media Photo (WMP), that it claims will provide better quality at half the size of a JPEG image. WMP will be built into Vista, the next iteration of Windows.
  • HP's Livermore: Acquisitions On Road Map
    Hewlett-Packard may make acquisitions in software and services to help continue its profitable growth path and extend its reach into the enterprise, top HP executive Ann Livermore said Wednesday.