CRN Applications and OS News

  • Orlando Ayala moves over to new emerging segments group; Reller, McCollum, O'Brien move up.

    Microsoft Reorgs Business Division, SMS&P Unit
    Ayala takes new role targeting emerging segments; partner chief Watson promoted; CRM development moves into Office group.
  • These integrated powerhouses from Acer, HP, Sony and Toshiba stand up to comparably configured desktops

    Review: New Media Center Notebooks Up The Ante
    The latest Media Center notebooks can more than hold their own against comparably configured desktops, while possessing sleeker designs and the promise of portability. The CRN Test Center reviewed notebooks from Acer, HP, Sony and Toshiba that are optimized for both digital media and business applications.
  • Microsoft Buys iView
    Microsoft said Tuesday it has acquired iView, a U.K.-based maker of digital asset management software.
  • NetSuite and CompUSA: A Landmark Deal
    NetSuite's agreement to sell its Software-as-a-Service suite through national retailer CompUSA is a landmark deal that has the potential to dramatically alter the small-business software landscape.
  • Federal Agencies Slow To Move On IPv6 Implementation
    Federal agencies have a ways to go before implementing the sixth version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6), according to a survey commissioned by Cisco Systems and conducted by Market Connections. Of the 200 IT decision makers from defense and civilian agencies interviewed, less than 2 percent have completed the IPv6 planning process, and more than one-third will not begin planning or implementation until 2007.
  • VisualText 1.7
    The VisualText tool represents the next generation of parsers.
  • Release is positioning Eclipse as industry's de facto Java platform

    Callisto Eclipses Other Open-Source Competition
    This week, the Eclipse Foundation will celebrate its most significant release to date, Callisto, an update that incorporates 10 linked projects in the IDE. Partners say the release is a major milestone on Eclipse's path to becoming the IT industry's de facto Java development platform.
  • Aims to boost partner profitability with rebates and SMB products

    New Novell Chief Hovsepian Gears Up To Drive Linux
    Ronald Hovsepian, named Novell's CEO in a management shakeup, said he aims to accelerate the software maker's channel charge to Linux with simplified pricing models and rebates.
  • Review: Linux Options Abound For VARs
    Finding an edge is one of the keys to success when it comes to building custom PCs, and there are two ways to get that edge: build a typical PC just like everyone else's, or leverage technology to make something different.
  • Yes, Go With Your Gut
    I tend to overthink decisions, only to circle back to the same basic solution that popped into the back of my brain shortly after being presented with the problem.
  • With more servings on the way

    Ballmer's Full Plate
    It would be the mother of all understatements to say that Microsoft president and CEO Steve Ballmer has a lot on his plate. Beyond running the $40-plus billion company day to day, he's dealing with the nagging Vista delay, answering questions about lackluster stock performance, swatting competitive threats, such as the launch of Novell's Linux-based desktop, and battling legal disputes with everyone from the European Union to security giant Symantec.
  • Digital Home Brings A Digital Headache
    As the use of technology grows in the home, a rising number of people are expected to turn to professional on-site or remote support services to solve the inevitable problems, according to research firm Parks Associates.