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  • Proof-of-concept macro targets open source

    Macro Viruses Find A New Prey
    Macro viruses haven't been in the headlines since the late 1990s, but that changed last week when security software vendor Kaspersky Lab revealed its discovery of a proof-of-concept macro that targets OpenOffice and StarOffice open-source applications.
  • Software Code For A Somewhat Complex Thought
    A very ambitious and somewhat complex idea from IBM called the Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) is finally set to arrive in software form June 30, the vendor said.
  • The End Of Security Appliances As We Know It?
    The security market is flooded with so many products that it is a welcome surprise when something innovative enters the market. In this case, it's gateway security in the form of a virtual machine.
  • Briefs: June 5, 2006
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 will enter beta testing in late July and ship in December, company executives said last week.
  • MSPs Get A Helping Hand
    The managed service space is hot, and companies looking for technological answers are turning to MSPs for entire turnkey solutions--MegaPath's SecureConnect delivers just that.
  • Reliable Backup With Buffalo
    Buffalo Technology has recently released the DriveStation 300-Gbyte SATA USB 2.0 HDD that can go across both Windows and Macintosh platforms and will cater to smaller budgets.
  • ShadowRAM: June 5, 2006
    If you need a stress test or any minor surgery in the near future, be warned: Grady Booch, chief scientist for IBM's Rational unit, has just raised the bar for coping with surgery.
  • Mac Virtual Machine Close To Final Release
    Parallels Inc. on Thursday launched the final pre-release version of virtualization software that lets Intel-powered Macintosh computers run Windows or Linux alongside Mac OS X.
  • Discusses impact of deal on Novell, Microsoft, Sun partnerships

    JBoss Chief Fleury Talks Up Red Hat Acquisition
    JBoss Chief Marc Fleury discussed Red Hat's $350 million purchase of JBoss and its impact on JBoss' dealings with Novell, Sun, IBM and Microsoft.
  • Stardust Macro Virus Targets Open Source Apps
    Macro viruses haven't been in the headlines since the late 1990s, but that changed this week when Kaspersky Lab revealed its discovery of a proof of concept macro that targets the open source applications OpenOffice and StarOffice.
  • Ballmer: Focus On Microsoft's Opportunities, Not Misfires
    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer steered clear of controversy Wednesday morning in a rare meeting with financial analysts, presenting the group with a ebullient vision of the opportunities before Microsoft while offering few comments about the problems buffeting the technology Goliath.
  • CA Delays Earnings
    The need to revamp CA's third-quarter fiscal 2006 earnings statement delayed the filing of its fourth-quarter and full fiscal year 2006 earnings which were expected to be announced Tuesday, the vendor said.