CRN Applications and OS News

  • Seeks to pre-empt Lotusphere with migration aids.

    Microsoft Updates Tools To Woo Domino Faithful
    Just days before the annual Lotusphere love fest kicks off, Microsoft unveils updated tools to ease migration from Lotus Notes/Domino to Microsoft's own "collaboration platform."
  • Digital signage technology brings effective, media-rich advertising

    How To Build a Whitebox Digital Sign System
    Digital signage is an inexpensive way to deliver effective, media-rich advertising. It's also a new way for system builders to expand their product and services offerings. Here's how to build it...
  • Adds small-biz controller, high-end appliance

    Aruba Lives On The Mobile Edge
    Aruba Networks this week is adding a competitively priced WLAN switch for small businesses and a high-end management appliance for companies with large wireless networks to its Mobile Edge line of products.
  • Oracle Starts To Cut And Paste From PeopleSoft Apps
    Oracle has never been all that clear about just how PeopleSoft and JD Edwards applications would mesh with its own. But now, with close to 9,000 developers working on the Fusion project to deliver Oracle's next big-business app suite, Oracle executives have provided some glimpses of what the merged applications might look like, and what pieces might be kept from the old acquired applications.
  • OpenSUSE Framework To Entice Developers
    In an effort to grow its open-source project, Novell plans to release this year a public development framework and public server build for The framework will give third-party ISVs and open-source developers new resources and tools to create packages and applications that run on Novell SUSE Linux or SUSE Linux-based distributions, the Waltham, Mass.-based company said.
  • Siebel Shareholders To Vote On Deal
    Siebel Systems stockholders will vote on the pending sale of the CRM company to Oracle at a meeting Jan. 31, Siebel said in a statement earlier this month.
  • Open-source deployments are readily achievable, thereby creating new revenue opportunities

    The Open Road Of Open Source
    For some solution providers, providing customers with solutions based on open-source software is becoming not only an option to consider when doing development projects, but a primary focus.
  • Jobs unveils the first Macs to use new Core Duo processors

    Apple Says Hello To A Chip Off The Old Block: Intel
    At Macworld, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first Macintoshes to use Intel chips: two new iMac desktops and two MacBook Pro notebooks, which run on Intel Core Duo processors.
  • Ch Language Rivals Java Functionality
    In the world of embedded computing, platform-independent managed code languages and application servers, SoftIntegration's Ch is a little gem with a robust scripting language.
  • Partners foresee add-on sales, annuity stream possibilities

    Sage Accounting Lines To Add Credit Services
    Sage Software plans to integrate credit-card processing and management know-how into upcoming versions of its accounting and ERP software, CEO Ron Verni told CRN last week.
  • BLOG: Google Pack Nicely Integrates Key Online Apps
    Much of the attention Google received at last week's Consumer Electronics Show came from its new online video store, which will go head-to-head with Apple's iTunes service, among others. But the company's release of the Google Pack may have a more chilling impact on the company's role as a developer and distributor of software.
  • New, bigger search appliances target companies with more documents

    Google Now Has Gaggle Of Minis
    Search king Google on Thursday unveiled two new Mini search appliances.
  • Federal Outsourcing Expected to Grow 8 percent
    Driven by the Office of Management and Budget's Lines of Business (LOB) initiatives, federal outsourcing spending is expected to increase more than $5 billion in the next four years, according to Reston, Va.-based research firm Input.