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  • Tableau 2.0 Eases Data Analysis Pain
    Tableau Software has just released Tableau 2.0 and has made many dramatic improvements that will undoubtedly drive it to the top of the analytical software market.
  • New Chief Software Architect talks about his expanded role, SaaS challenges.

    Ozzie Speaks On Microsoft Transition
    If Ray Ozzie is at all cowed by his new-found responsibilities as Microsoft chief software architect, he's not showing it.
  • Hands off chief software architect title to Ray Ozzie; Craig Mundie named chief research and strategy officer.

    Gates Starts Slow Transition From Full-Time Microsoft Duties
    Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates Thursday said he plans to step out of day to day operations at Microsoft in order to spend more time on his global health and education work at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Bill Gates To Leave Day-To-Day Microsoft Role
    In what could be the biggest executive news in Microsoft's history, Bill Gates will begin to transition away from his day-to-day role at the company to spend more of his energies on his work in global health care and education.
  • The Joys Of Dual-Booting
    By letting you run Windows XP and Mac OS X side by side on the same computer, Apple's Boot Camp beta gives you the best of both worlds. Here's how to get the most out of dual-booting -- including tips for making it all run smoothly.
  • Adobe Doesn't Rule Out Suing Microsoft Over PDF
    In its first lengthy public statement about the hubbub over Microsoft's planned Save As PDF feature in the upcoming Office 2007, Adobe Systems this week didn't rule out taking the software giant to court.
  • Microsoft releases new Axapta, SAP tallies Business One customer wins

    Midmarket ERP Battle Heats Up
    The already hotly contested midmarket ERP battle is heating up again as Microsoft rolls out Dynamics AX 4.0 and SAP makes an aggressive SMB push with Business One.
  • Caught On Tape: Vista Beta Takes On Novell's Linux Desktop
    Microsoft has had product delays before but never, it seems, has it faced this much pressure. Novell's current beta version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 " set for general availability next month " has some believing it will be the strongest competitor to the Windows platform in years. And its price point that will make more than a few eyes pop.
  • Wasabi Gets Hotter With Addition Of iSCSI Initiator
    Wasabi Systems, one of a handful of software developers that enable custom system builders to turn commodity server hardware into storage appliances, has added an iSCSI initiator to its NAS appliance software.
  • Scoble To Exit Microsoft
    The blogs were humming this weekend about the decision of Microsoft uber-blogger Robert Scoble to leave the fold. The Microsoft fold, not the blogging fold, that is.
  • Ballmer's Brain
    One of the amazing things about Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s recent strategy discussion with CRN, which is featured as part of our cover story this week, is what a clear, compelling vision the longtime channel advocate lays out for partners regarding Microsoft’s Software-as-a-Service strategy.
  • Is Microsoft Office 2007 Worthy Of All The Hype?
    With its release of Office 2007 Beta 2, Microsoft has overhauled all of the Office tools by restructuring its user interfaces, adding enterprise-integration capabilities and even adding new collaboration tools.