CRN Applications and OS News

  • Nitix: An Ideal Small-Business Server
    Linux vendors selling small-business servers must go the extra mile to simplify the OS experience, and the CRN Test Center engineers have never seen it done as well as Net Integration Technologies and its Nitix Linux OS.
  • System Builder B3's Wherabouts Unknown
    Where in the world is B3 Computers? That's what officials in Marquette County, Michigan, and a host of VARs are wondering after the system builder's Web site went down and its phones were disconnected.
  • Voice-recognition software gets amped with technology enhancements and product adaptability

    Talking Up Computing
    In the 1950s, some assumed we would be driving flying cars in 40 years' time; and in the 1960s, many thought data could be input into computers via speech by the year 2000. We are still waiting for flying cars, but the era of speaking to computers has arrived, thanks to the latest release of Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance Software. Now available as version 9, Dragon Naturally Speaking brings significant enhancements to the voice-recognition market, finally making the product viable for typical business use.
  • ShadowRAM: July 24
    We like free stuff as much as anybody. I mean, we really like free stuff. We have so many black pleather bags from conferences and conventions we could open a store. But we're not sure about this one: IBM's Sandy Carter was so stoked that Big Blue agreed to sponsor an "IBM Edition" of "SOA for Dummies" that, on her blog, she offered everyone free copies. After a few hours, she had gotten crushed with so many requests that she finally just pointed everybody to the Web site where they could order the book. (We took a look, on deadline, but the site was—ahem—down.)
  • Nitix proves to be solid alternative to Microsoft SBS 2003

    Review: Small-Business Server Bake-Off
    Net Integration's Nitix Linux small-business server packs every bit of the feature punch of Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003 R2, but at less than half the price, according to a CRN Test Center review.
  • IBM Takes CDP To Online Retail Channel
    In a major departure for IBM, the company is taking a product into retail. The company today is starting to offer the IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files software through a number of online retailers, including the Web sites of Circuit City, CompUSA, Office Max and Staples, among others.
  • Partners climb the software stack with BI solutions

    Analysis: Business Intelligence Goes Mainstream
    Ask solution providers about business software and most will confess it's an entirely different animal from the rest of the technology stable.
  • Intel's Gelsinger: Dempsey Viable Product For Channel
    Pat Gelsinger, Intel's Senior Vice President General Manager, Digital Enterprise Group, talks to CRN about the "Dempsey" Xeon processor's value proposition and why solution providers should take another look at Xeon.
  • Partners that use business software will likely sell it best

    Embracing Biz Intelligence
    At the VARBusiness 500 Awards event last month, Malcolm Gladwell spoke of making business decisions based on instinct rather than analysis. The author of best-sellers Blink and Tipping Point cited numerous examples of how managers went down the wrong path because they focused too closely on data and not enough on their gut instincts.
  • Software: VARs Turn Pessimistic
    CRN 3Q Channel Business Report: Solution providers' sales expectations for software in the third quarter dropped sharply, reaching their lowest level ever.