CRN Applications and OS News

  • Microsoft Platforms Chief Talks Co-opetition With Open Source
    Bill Hilf, director of platform technology strategy at Microsoft, explains the Redmond, Wash., software giant's changing views on open source and its work with partners such as JBoss and Sugar CRM in an interview with CRN at LinuxWorld Expo.
  • Survey shows Linux starting to supplant Solaris as top operating system in Oracle database shops next year.

    IOUG: Linux To Be Number One Oracle OS
    Bad news for Solaris: IOUG says more Oracle database users moving to Linux.
  • Customers, partners can access three hubs and 14 satellite sites

    Red Hat, Intel Launch Global Solutions Program
    Red Hat and Intel have paired up on a global Linux solutions acceleration program for customers and partners that will initially focus on virtualization pilot testing. Red Hat recently released its open source Fedora Core 5 build and plans to release later this year its commercial Red Hat Enterprise 5 distribution, both of which integrate the Xen open-source virtualization engine.
  • Open source framework supports NET 1.1, partial .NET 2.0

    Novell Announces Mono 1.2 Beta, SUSE Linux 10.1
    As LinuxWorld Expo gets underway, Novell announced that the Mono 1.2 framework now in beta will support Windows.Forms and ease migration of applications from ASP.NET to Linux
  • VMware rolls out royalty-free virtual machine disk format specification

    XenSource Licenses Microsoft's VHD As Format War Begins
    As Linuxworld and Open Solutions World get under way in Boston, XenSource unveiled a deal to license Microsoft's VHD format for its open-source virtualization server, and VMware announced the availability of a royalty-free virtual machine disk format specification.
  • IBM Teams With Novell On Linux-Based Middleware
    IBM deepened its commitment to the small and midsize business market on Monday by announcing a partnership with Novell to deliver two integrated bundles of Linux-based middleware that can be more easily integrated into Windows environments.
  • New Data-Center Management Software Delivers Native Virtualization
    Calling it an industry first, Virtual Iron Software has debuted a new version of its virtualization-management software that integrates the open-source Xen hypervisor, allowing users and developers to run both 32- and 64-bit Linux and Windows applications without any modifications.
  • No More Paper Trails
    Law firm Fish and Richardson P.C. was looking for a way to digitize and transmit all of its incoming mail without shuttling paper around the country. When the system put in place didn't meet expectations, the firm turned to another solution provider, Quality Associates, to get the job done.
  • Inside-Out Software
    The best informational briefings for me are ones that land on some topic other than that originally intended by the marketing types who set them up. And so it was last week when I met with channel management service provider BlueRoads.