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  • Dueling Conferences For Eclipse, Microsoft
    Two developer events go head-to-head this week as Microsoft woos Web developers at its inaugural Mix06 conference and the Eclipse Foundation hosts its annual EclipseCon confab to discuss advances in the open-source development platform.
  • Coverage now applies to $3,000 deals, down from $10,000

    Microsoft Lowers Floor For SMB Financing Options
    Even as new Software Assurance benefits for big businesses became effective March 14, Microsoft made available new financing options for small-business customers.
  • Are You Nervous Yet?
    If so, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s because the best-crafted strategies not just to survive but to thrive usually come in times of intense stress. That’s when we often think most creatively, allowing ourselves to believe in nonsense, as aviation entrepreneur Burt Rutan so aptly put it during his keynote speech at last week’s IBM PartnerWorld.
  • Amax Enlists Open-E For Easy NAS Configuration
    Amax Information Technologies is expanding its custom-built storage business, adding new NAS technology it promises will be easy for small-business VARs to configure as well as high-end storage servers for larger customers.
  • No News = Bad News
    First, a quick preface. The following is not totally directed at Microsoft. There are plenty of transgressors, Microsoft is just the most recent.
  • ShadowRAM: March 20, 2006
    Give Autodesk credit. Instead of the same ol’, same ol’ Tom Friedman, Geoffrey Moore, Nicholas Carr droning on about flattened earths, chasms crossed and IT mattering (or not), it brought in none other than former Disney top dog Michael Eisner to speak at the annual CTO event in Vegas last week.
  • Microsoft's Latest Channel Assurance
    Microsoft launched a new set of Software Assurance customer benefits for 2006 on March 14 that will benefit—and in some cases, deter—channel business, observers predict.
  • How Microsoft Plans To People-Ready Its Partners
    Partners will play a key role in Microsoft's new people-ready business strategy, says Allison Watson, vice president of Microsoft's worldwide partner and small-business group. Following up on Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's announcement yesterday about the software giant's new people-centric focus, Watson says Microsoft has several initiatives to help partners deliver the people-ready messaging and solutions.
  • HP Emphasizes Partner Devotion At Public-Sector Forum
    At HP's Public Sector Forum this week, executives reiterated the importance of partners in the company's drive into government and education, as demonstrated by recent enhancements to the PartnerOne program that compensate solution providers driving sales.
  • Microsoft Files Piracy Charges Against Eight
    Microsoft said Wednesday it has filed lawsuits against eight alleged sellers of counterfeit copies of its software. The company said the sellers all used eBay for their transactions.
  • How to install DNS speech-recognition software

    From Keyboard To Microphone
    Systems builders on the lookout for new products and services to add to their portfolios should consider a technology that has come of age: speech recognition, or SR for short.
  • Lowers bar to $3,000 for SMB software financing

    Microsoft Eases Financing, Licensing Terms For SMB Market
    Even as the company launched its Software Assurance 2006 benefits for large companies on March 14, Microsoft announced enhanced financing options for SMBs as Small Business Server 2003 R2 and Windows Vista Business are prepped.
  • Some cite commoditization as a good opportunity for upgrades and services

    VARs: Cheap Databases? No Problem
    When it comes to databases, free may be nice, but you get what you pay for, solution providers say. With IBM, Oracle and Microsoft offering free and discounted databases, some think full-scale commoditization of databases is on for real.