CRN Applications and OS News

  • Oracle Says Apps Business Is Brisk
    Oracle’s applications sales are going just swimmingly, according to the company's brain trust. The software vendor said license revenue for applications jumped 77 percent, to $269 million, in its fiscal third quarter.
  • Code 11 to offer "Beagle" search engine and storage virtualization

    Novell Plans SUSE Linux 11 For 2008
    Novell offered a preview of features planned for its next version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and desktop, expected in 2008.
  • Novell, SpikeSource Partner On LAMP Stack
    Novell has formed an alliance with SpikeSource to better integrate its Linux distribution with the LAMP stack and to help the two companies compete more effectively against Microsoft.

    Bill Gates QandA: Changes Around The Office
    Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates sheds light on the company's Office strategy, touching on points such as a pumped-up Office SharePoint Serve, a new server-based version of Excel, blogging and enterprise data search.
  • Lenovo, CDW-G Score Big At State
    Lenovo is proving that it's not just a notebook company by providing the State Department with more than 16,000 desktops and related equipment in a massive refresh worth more than $13 million.
  • Content Management Made Easy With Xerox
    At first glance, DocuShare CPX's user interface is well organized, easy to learn and users can easily drag and drop folders from either Mac or Windows XP PC desktops.
  • How to repair and restore crashed operating systems

    Stare Down the Blue Screen of Death
    Have you been mocked by the dreaded "a problem has been detected…" message? Don't panic. Instead, follow these steps to restore crashed systems.
  • Dueling Conferences For Eclipse, Microsoft
    Two developer events go head-to-head this week as Microsoft woos Web developers at its inaugural Mix06 conference and the Eclipse Foundation hosts its annual EclipseCon confab to discuss advances in the open-source development platform.
  • Coverage now applies to $3,000 deals, down from $10,000

    Microsoft Lowers Floor For SMB Financing Options
    Even as new Software Assurance benefits for big businesses became effective March 14, Microsoft made available new financing options for small-business customers.
  • Amax Enlists Open-E For Easy NAS Configuration
    Amax Information Technologies is expanding its custom-built storage business, adding new NAS technology it promises will be easy for small-business VARs to configure as well as high-end storage servers for larger customers.
  • No News = Bad News
    First, a quick preface. The following is not totally directed at Microsoft. There are plenty of transgressors, Microsoft is just the most recent.
  • ShadowRAM: March 20, 2006
    Give Autodesk credit. Instead of the same ol’, same ol’ Tom Friedman, Geoffrey Moore, Nicholas Carr droning on about flattened earths, chasms crossed and IT mattering (or not), it brought in none other than former Disney top dog Michael Eisner to speak at the annual CTO event in Vegas last week.