CRN Applications and OS News

  • Vendor plans free virtualization server, but delays next-gen products

    VMware Updates Delayed
    VMware plans to make available a free entry-level virtualization server this quarter but will delay the delivery of its highly anticipated ESX3 and VirtualCenter 2 until the second quarter.
  • Goyal: Info management dwarfs mere database market.

    CRN Interview: IBM's Ambuj Goyal
    Ambuj Goyal, general manager of IBM Information Management talked with CRN Industry Editor Barbara Darrow last week about the group's new free database and IBM's view that information management is much more than databases. Goyal started his new gig in August. He had previously headed the IBM/Lotus group responsible for portals and collaboration tools.
  • The Apple Store: When POS Becomes Pop Culture
    I couldn&'t resist the chance to peek at a brand-new Apple Store in New Jersey before the crowds descended. What I saw provides not only a primer in POS practices but a lesson in pop culture.
  • SAP&'s Give And Take
    SAP gives with one hand, takes away with another. The company bolstered channel hopes last week with a “comp neutral” sales plan for better attacking SMBs. But it also unveiled its long-awaited hosted CRM (with surprise partner IBM), which is available at this time only direct from SAP.
  • Seagate Drive Stores 30 Percent More
    Seagate Technology is increasing the capacity of its 2.5-inch hard drives to 160 Gbytes using a new technique called perpendicular recording.
  • Corel Upgrades Flagship Wares
    Corel, the Canadian software veteran, seems to embrace its underdog status, fancying itself a technology respite for smaller firms that balk at paying the big guys' licensing fees.
  • Includes product, telephone support, online training

    Novell Launches Linux Product, Services Bundle for SMB
    Novell launches a Linux bundle for channel partners and customers in the small to midmarket range that incorporates product, online training and telephone/online support at discount.
  • IBM DB2 Joins Ranks Of Database Freebies
    DB2 Express-C runs on Windows or Linux and on 32- and 64-bit processors. The database can be used on systems with two processor cores and on AMD or Intel-based systems with up to two dual-core chips. Memory limit is 4 gigabytes but there is no restriction on database size.
  • Linux Kernel Developer Says No To GPL 3
    Linus Torvalds' claim that he won't put the Linux kernel under the next version of the General Public License could represent another fracture in a community once united for free software.
  • Corel Refreshes WordPerfect, Draw
    Corel continues to chip away at the Microsoft Office monolith. On Jan. 17, the vendor launched major new releases of its flagship Draw graphics suite and the venerable WordPerfect brand.
  • Microsoft's Uphill Battle
    Microsoft will have a tough time luring Mac-loyal designers to its Expression product line, but it may be able to force corporate defections.