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  • Vendor halves margins on price-hold deals to ‘fulfillment’ partners

    Oracle Cuts Some Margins
    Oracle is halving the commissions it pays solution providers in some deals.
  • Services To Extend Search's Reach Into Transactions, ERP

    Google Preps Strategy For Realtime Business Search
    Google plans to unveil in the near future an innovative strategy that gives users of its enterprise search better access to realtime business information, workflows and business transactions from ERP systems and other back-end systems.
  • Microsoft, IBM, Oracle all amke moves into open-source realm

    VARs Monitor Marriage Of Software Worlds
    Microsoft’s partnership with SugarCRM and Oracle’s purchase of Sleepycat underscore the rising number of relationships forming between proprietary software giants and open-source companies.
  • IBM Simplifies Tivoli For SMBs
    A less complicated, less expensive, and less intimidating version of IBM's Tivoli IT management product is being rolled out for mid-sized customers, IBM said Friday.
  • Beta 2 cycle for next-gen Windows begins for businesses and partners

    Microsoft Releases Windows Vista Enterprise CTP
    Microsoft kicked off the beta 2 testing cycle for Windows Vista on Wednesday with the release of its planned Enterprise Community Technology Preview (CTP) for businesses, which represents the first feature-complete test version of Vista.
  • Option would promise onshore support of some new offerings

    Microsoft May Look To 'Smart Shoring'
    Microsoft is weighing a move into “smart shoring.” The software giant is considering an “onshore-only” support option for new products, including its upcoming Office 2007.
  • Microsoft Offshore ISV Plan In Pilot
    Microsoft is pilot-testing a program dubbed NXT with several offshore delivery partners to help reluctant ISVs migrate IBM AS/400-based and other legacy applications to .Net at lower costs.
  • They call themselves 'independent' distributors—not gray marketers—and say they're seeing dramatic sales growth as more VARs turn to them to source products

    Gray Matters
    Independent distributors are hardly hiding behind closed doors. Instead, they&'re very open about how much their businesses have grown as VARs look to them to source products. Major vendors such as Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems are taking action to shut down what they call ‘gray marketers.&' VARs, however, say the issue&'s not so black-and-white.