CRN Applications and OS News

  • Oracle Direct Chief Departs For Intuit
    Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, senior vice president in charge of Oracle Direct sales operations, has resigned from the company to take a senior job at Intuit, CRN has learned.
  • Sun, Oracle Together Again?
    After years of apparent riftwith Larry Ellison tooting the horn for cheap, standard blades from Dell, HP, well, mostly Dell, it appears that he and Scot McNealy have kissed and made up.
  • Microsoft To Mac Users: Ditch IE Now
    Microsoft on Monday told Mac users of its Internet Explorer Web browser that they should switch to a rival such as Apple's Safari before IE support ends.
  • Sun's Open (Source) Embrace
    Sun Microsystems has always been dismissive of IBM's open-source initiatives. But finding itself in need of a database to add to its Java Enterprise System software lineup, Sun has swallowed its pride and said it will adopt an open-source database with IBM roots.
  • Solution providers and vendors urge reduction of licensing costs

    Oracle Under Pressure
    Solution providers, along with their vendor partners, are pressuring Oracle executives to reduce software licensing costs for multicore processors.
  • ScriptLogic VARs Laud Consolidation
    ScriptLogic aspires to arm its partners with more than just Windows network administration tools, a strategy it believes will translate into more acquisitions.
  • RAC Caps Otherwise So-So Quarter For Oracle
    Clustering was a bright spot in Oracle's most recent quarter. For its fiscal 2006 second quarter, Oracle earned 15 cents a share or $798 million vs. 16 cents per share or $815 million for the year-ago quarter.
  • IBM to bundle Red Hat, Novell solutions in further commitment to Linux

    Big Blue Welcomes Red Hat, Novell To the Fold
    Calling it the most important partner announcement it has made since its strategic commitment to Linux six years ago, IBM has elevated Red Hat and Novell to be members of its Strategic Alliance program.
  • Linux vendor agree to back IBM's Geronimo, Derby open source projects

    IBM Builds Dedicated Sales Channel For Red Hat, Novell Linux
    IBM elevated Red Hat and Novell to its strategic alliance program, unveiled its new subscription models for selling those firms' Linux distributions in combination with hardware, middleware and services and promised to open up significant sales channel and access to IBM centers in emerging countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. In exchange, Red Hat and Novell will push IBM's Geronimo and Derby open source projects