ADC Specialist Kemp Technologies Launches First Partner Program

Currently, Kemp is looking for new partners that address the public sector, financial services and education vertical and are Oracle and Microsoft application-focused, said Frazer.

"With the application world, it's where we see more demand," said Frazer. "For this level, we're looking for a higher-level competency in the Microsoft world and a commitment to [consultancy] and adding value-added services around our software."

For 2014, Frazer said VARs should look at the prospects around applications.

"The big message here is that there has been a growth of apps, with 7,000 new apps developed from APIs. Six months from now you won't know what apps you need in running your business; it will be come more application-centric," said Frazer. "It's a huge opportunity for the VAR channel with the growth to scale, raise and optimize on demand as easily as you do your CRM, and that's the big opportunity."


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