Application Development

  • What's Up With Ingres?
    Dave Dargo disclosed news of his exit ifrom Ingres buried in a blog item posted the day before Martin Luther King Day weekend. But there's probably more to this story.
  • SAP Builds Up All-In-One Platform For SMB Partners
    SAP's newest All-In-One solutions layer SAP's own best business practices for more than two dozen verticals as well as specific user interface, reporting and analytics atop what they already offered, the company says.
  • Eclipse Joins Java Community Process
    The Eclipse Foundation said Friday it has joined the Java Community Process (JCP), putting it a step closer to working collegially with JCP leader Sun Microsystems.
  • Analyst Group Says Shift To Notebooks Hurt Printer Sales
    Research firm Current Analysis says that the continued shift to notebooks from desktops led to "disappointing" sales of printers during the late fourth quarter, as notebook-printer bundles have not caught on in the low-end of the market as desktop-printer bundles have.
  • Second Life Opens Its Source Code
    Second Life creator Linden Labs on Monday released the source code for its virtual world client under the GNU General Public License, a move the much-buzzed-about company hopes will entice a flood of developers to help improve its access client.
  • Peter Pathe Preps Microsoft Departure
    After 25 years at Microsoft, first fronting its TrueType font assault, then shepherding Word, and forging ahead with InfoPath, Peter Pathe is prepping his retirement.
  • OpenAjax Woos Microsoft, Plots 2007 Goals
    As the OpenAjax Alliance nears its one-year anniversary, the software developer and vendor consortium is making headway toward its goal of standardizing AJAX technologies -- and it may even lure into the fold the industry's most notorious standards scofflaw, Microsoft.
  • Borland's CodeGear Rises From The Ashes
    CodeGear is trying to win back the trust of its partners and users, after years of Borland neglecting the developer tools that were once the industry's vanguard.
  • Some (Pre) Holiday Cheer
    Jon Stewart's take on Time Magazine's unbelievably pandering choice of "You" (or even "Me") as the person of the year is worth watching. Over and over and over again
  • 2006 Products Of The Year
    These 10 rule-changers promise to help VARs and system integrators unlock new business, break free of the pack.
  • Process, Not Product
    I've been staring at my notebook screen for the past half hour, wondering where the year went and what profound thing I could write that will have value to you as you begin executing on your 2007 strategy.
  • ShadowRAM: December 18, 2006
    Poor Jim Allchin just can't win. An old e-mail he sent to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, uncovered in legal discovery, lauds the Mac over Windows. Steve Jobs must be laughing his keister off. It's clear Allchinwho wrote that if he didn't work for Microsoft, he'd buy a Macwas trying to light a match under his troops. Still, ouch!
  • The Sox Fans Of Tech
    This continuing Red Sox saga is the sports equivalent of the blogosphere's/geek's obsession with every alpha, CTP, pre-beta, beta, release candidate, RTM of Microsoft's products. Only more fun.
  • CRN Interview: Bill Gates, Microsoft
    Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates sat down with CRN Industry Editor Barbara Darrow and CRN Senior Writer Paula Rooney last Tuesday after his PDC keynote. Following are excerpts from the interiew: