CRN Applications and OS News

  • Next-Generation Platform To Support Open Source Virtualization Technology

    Virtual Iron 3 Goes Xen
    Virtual Iron announced at Linuxworld that its next generation 3.0 platform that will go into beta testing in July will offer support for the open source Xen engine, as well as the company's own advanced virtualization services under GPL and Virtualization Manager under commercial license
  • Toshiba Details New $20 Million Channel Program
    Toshiba Friday revealed final details of its new $20 million Toshiba Preferred Partner channel program which includes an increase in average margin for partners selling the company's notebooks to as much as 12 percent, up from seven percent.
  • DevPartner 8.0 Reduces The Complexity Of .Net Development
    Debugging .Net enterprise code can be a daunting task for corporate developers because Visual Studio and .Net hide complexity quite well. For this reason, CRN Test Center engineers highly recommend Compuware's DevPartner Studio 8.0.
  • A new wave of channel programs is helping VARs net more open-source deals

    The Lure Of Open Source
    As the Linux tide continues to rise, a new wave of channel programs is helping VARs net more open-source deals.
  • Force Is With Whom?
    NetSuite pulled out all the stops for its NetSuite 11 launch. Busing press, partners, analysts and customers to the McAfee Coliseum, the company enacted its “Suite Wars” drama, characterizing Microsoft, SAP and as various incarnations of Darth Vader.
  • R2 version of Windows Storage Server 2003 now available to OEMs

    Microsoft Hopes To Snare Some Storage Share
    Microsoft is looking beyond its dominance of the server space with a series of moves aimed at giving it major mind share in storage.
  • Microsoft's Flessner and others say there's a lot of life left in database category.

    Flessner On The Database Wars
    Many see databases as a commodity. But there's still a lot of interesting work to be done, according to Paul Flessner, Microsoft senior vice president of data and storage platforms.
  • IBM, HP May Develop Mini-Linux Distributions Optimized For Hardware

    Novell: Tiered OS Could Get OEMs Into Linux Distribution Game
    Novell is working on separating the Linux distribution into two stacks that would allow OEMs to bundle and optimize core Linux distributions for their hardware while it focuses on application virtualization and other data center services
  • Microsoft Platforms Chief Talks Co-opetition With Open Source
    Bill Hilf, director of platform technology strategy at Microsoft, explains the Redmond, Wash., software giant's changing views on open source and its work with partners such as JBoss and Sugar CRM in an interview with CRN at LinuxWorld Expo.
  • Survey shows Linux starting to supplant Solaris as top operating system in Oracle database shops next year.

    IOUG: Linux To Be Number One Oracle OS
    Bad news for Solaris: IOUG says more Oracle database users moving to Linux.