Database and System Software

  • Back(up) To The Future
    Several companies, ranging from small service providers to giants like Google, are looking at ways to help customers large and small store more of their data online, and less on tape and even hard drives.
  • Microsoft Event Highlights Hosted CRM Apps
    Channel partners and customers will gain early access to Microsoft's hosted CRM applications later this quarter with the on-demand application slated for general availability in 2008, Microsoft executives announced last month at the vendor's Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver.
  • Review: VoIP, Clean And Simple
    With all of the focus on VoIP right now, an increasing number of solution providers are looking for ways to break into the market with simple but powerful solutions.
  • Oracle's Big SMB Stand
    Oracle is making a push to expand sales of its database software and other products to small businesses, but it won't work directly with solution providers to do it. And that, according to Oracle's thinking, is a good thing for solution providers.
  • 25 ISVs You Must Know
    Getting to know you there's a host of ISVs in Microsoft's camp that are changing the game for partners.
  • Launching Pad
    The IT world is an unpredictable place; things change quickly and rarely go exactly as planned. Even so, good business planning requires a road map--even if only a tentative one--of both your own capabilities and your partners' offerings. With that in mind, we're looking out to the horizon at some of the major product releases planned for the second half of this year, to give you a sense of what's around the next corner.
  • Database Sales Surge In 2006
    The market for relational database software grew more than 14 percent in 2006 to $15.2 billion " not bad for a technology that many observers once considered "mature" and headed for commoditization.
  • First, Audit The Assets
    A step-by-step look at how asset management applications can take the pain out of compliance audits.
  • Selling Data Leak Prevention
    John Kindervag, senior security architect at Atlanta-based integrator Vigilar, gives some pointers on how to break through customers' preconceived notions about data leak prevention technology