Open Source

  • Apache, GPL License Compatibility Back On Track
    Representatives of Free Software Foundation and the Apache Software Foundation said Tuesday they expect to iron out the "11th hour" legal problem that created incompatibility in the latest and near-final GPL revision draft.
  • Sun Finishes Freeing Java, Debuts JavaFX
    Sun Microsystems fulfilled last year's pledge to open-source Java by releasing its full Java Development Kit, and took steps to expand the Java ecosystem by announcing a new Java development scripting language, JavaFX.
  • Dell Joins Microsoft, Novell Alliance
    Microsoft and Novell said Monday that Dell has become the first major system vendor to join their controversial technology alliance, agreeing to work with Microsoft to distribute SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • Novell, Dell Still Talking Linux Preloads On PCs
    Novell believes it can hit a pricing sweet spot with Linux on the enterprise desktop and remains in talks with top OEMs -- including Dell -- about preloading SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 on PC clients.
  • Twitter Takes Praise And Grips Public At Microsoft's Mix07
    To emphasize Mix07's focus on cutting-edge Web development and design, Microsoft wired the conference to the rafters with the latest in trendy Web 2.0 gadgets and gizmos. Conferences are always filled with back-room discussions of the show's highlights and lowlights. This time, the discussions -- and the snarking -- happened publicly.
  • Adobe To Open-Source Flex Development Tools
    Adobe Systems will release next version of its Flex development tools as open-source software under the Mozilla Public License, adding fuel to the fire of its growing rivalry with Microsoft.
  • Moglen Takes Leave Of FSF Board
    Eben Moglen, the very public legal persona behind the Free Software Foundation, is leaving that organization's board, according his his blog.
  • Review: Move .Net Apps To Linux
    With version 1.2, the Mono .Net project has expanded its Microsoft API stack so that Windows developers can port .Net applications to Linux without changing a single line of code.
  • Xen API Will Enable New Management Era
    The Xen project will soon release an API for developing high-end management features like those in VMware's VMotion and Virtual Infrastructure 3 platform.
  • Content Management Moves Continue
    The world of enterprise content management has been transformed in the past feew years as ECM leader after leader was snapped up in an acquisition binge.
  • Linux UPS Without Tears
    Attaching an uninterruptible power supply to a Linux-based system can unruffle even experienced system builders. Network Utility Tool, better known as NUT, can help—and keep those eyes dry.