Open Source

  • Government, Please
    There's an emerging trend among government agencies to consider open source software--and astute VARs are in line for a piece of the action. Carahsoft Technology Corp. (VARBusiness 500 No. 242) and Pentaho Corp., have announced a partnership that will make the government reseller the exclusive General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule distributor for U.S. Government organizations that choose Pentaho's Open BI Suite for business intelligence.
  • Music And Video On Server 2008
    The launch of Windows Server 2008 triggers VARs' imaginations for new ways they can utilize the operating system's virtualization capabilities for their customers, especially when you consider Hyper-V.
  • Open Source Options For VoIP
    For many solution providers, it's time to start asking, "Open source or proprietary PBX?" They already have a veritable banquet of choices for SMB VoIP -- throw in open source systems to the mix and it becomes a feast.
  • Android Dream
    Google Inc.'s purchase of mobile phone platform Android was more for the talent than for the mobility SDK that uses its name. With plenty of competition from small startups, open source projects from Nokia Inc., Intel Corp. and a plethora of APIs for just about every phone on the market, Google has its work cut out to gain search or any application dominance on the mobility space.
  • Sun Completes Acquisition Of MySQL
    The deal opens new opportunities for Sun's channel partners, who will have access to the entire lineup of services offerings and technology related to MySQL.
  • Stake Your VAR Claim In The Open Source Security Solutions Market
    Look at how rapidly changing technology and economic conditions are creating a profit rush for Solution Providers, replacing high priced, tough to customize proprietary security solutions with attractively priced, customizable open source software security solutions.
  • Microsoft To Open Source: Let's Be Friends
    No, it's not an April Fool's joke: Microsoft has announced a sweeping strategy for embracing interoperability and offering an olive branch to open source communities.
  • Alternative Vendors: Server Virtualization
    The fast-growing x86-based server virtualization market stands unique from a competitive perspective. It's not just that the market is overwhelmingly dominated by VMware. Instead, the alternatives are an eclectic mix of startups, open-source developers, no-names, and a group of companies more used to being on top.
  • Review: Apache A Work In Progress
    For those that have never heard of Apache Software Foundations' Open For Business (OFBiz) Project, pay attention, because there's no stopping how far the open-source back-office application framework can go.
  • Closed Disty Model Changing?
    As the end in sight for the closed distribution model in the complex, highly competitive enterprise solutions market?