Open Source

  • Putting Together A Linux Office
    There's a lot of chatter about 2007 being the "Year of the Linux Desktop," but what about the "Linux Office"? The CRN Test Center took a crack at putting together an open-source environment for a small-business office. Here's the result.
  • Microsoft Waves Patent-Lawsuit Stick At Linux
    Microsoft has long insinuated that the open-source software field is littered with applications infringing Microsoft patents. In comments published in Fortune magazine this week, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith and licensing head Horacio Gutierrez threw gasoline on the fire by offering for the first time a precise count of the patents they think have been infringed: 235 patents, 42 by the Linux operating system alone.
  • The Blurring Line Between Tech And Sales
    Technical know-how combined with sales know-how doesn't come easy in the channel. Yet it behooves VARs to possess that skillset "double-shot" if they plan to move beyond box-pushing and successfully embrace a solutions/services business model.
  • Web 2.0 Looks Like Open Source To Me
    Small businesses are flocking to services like GoToMyPC, LogMeIn and Skype and are testing Web 2.0 sites like Near-Time. Why? They just want to get their jobs done quickly -- and without investing in a ton of physical infrastructure to do it.
  • Red Hat Exchange Goes Live
    Red Hat on Thursday went live with its Red Hat Exchange online marketplace for open-source applications and support, which company executives say is a big win for select VARs and certified service partners.
  • In The Wake Of Open-Source Java, What Dies?
    Sun's release of OpenJDK means some long-running open-source Java projects are now superfluous. Leaders of Kaffe, Apache Harmony and others spoke at JavaOne about plans for handling their redundancy.
  • Oracle Readies Java EE 5 Support, App Server Update
    Oracle on Wednesday previewed a flurry of upcoming software at the JavaOne conference, including new developer tools and a new version of its application server that will support Java Enterprise Edition 5.
  • Apache, GPL License Compatibility Back On Track
    Representatives of Free Software Foundation and the Apache Software Foundation said Tuesday they expect to iron out the "11th hour" legal problem that created incompatibility in the latest and near-final GPL revision draft.
  • Sun Finishes Freeing Java, Debuts JavaFX
    Sun Microsystems fulfilled last year's pledge to open-source Java by releasing its full Java Development Kit, and took steps to expand the Java ecosystem by announcing a new Java development scripting language, JavaFX.
  • Dell Joins Microsoft, Novell Alliance
    Microsoft and Novell said Monday that Dell has become the first major system vendor to join their controversial technology alliance, agreeing to work with Microsoft to distribute SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • Novell, Dell Still Talking Linux Preloads On PCs
    Novell believes it can hit a pricing sweet spot with Linux on the enterprise desktop and remains in talks with top OEMs -- including Dell -- about preloading SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 on PC clients.
  • Twitter Takes Praise And Grips Public At Microsoft's Mix07
    To emphasize Mix07's focus on cutting-edge Web development and design, Microsoft wired the conference to the rafters with the latest in trendy Web 2.0 gadgets and gizmos. Conferences are always filled with back-room discussions of the show's highlights and lowlights. This time, the discussions -- and the snarking -- happened publicly.