Operating systems

  • Michael Dell on Vista
    Michael Dell gives his thoughts on Microsoft's Vista operating system during a question-and-answer session with small business owners.
  • Report: Companies Questioning Microsoft's Software Assurance Program
    Many of Microsoft's volume licensing customers this year will have to decide whether to renew their Software Assurance maintenance contracts. But in light of the dim value proposition Software Assurance provides, that decision will be a tough one, according to Forrester.
  • 25 ISVs You Must Know
    Getting to know you there's a host of ISVs in Microsoft's camp that are changing the game for partners.
  • Welcome To CRN Solutions Inc.
    The IT services world is a lot like construction—everything starts with a foundation. VARs are finding that more than 80 percent of the time, that foundation is called Microsoft.
  • RAID Controllers Gain Steam
    Given the substantial increase in multicore systems' processing power and memory, pure software-based RAID implementations have gained in popularity.
  • SGI Using ICE To Heat Blade Market
    SGI is using ICE to heat up the scalability of its Intel/Linux server blade offerings for use in clustered environments. The server vendor this week unveiled the SGI Altix ICE, or Integrated Compute Environment, a server blade architecture which allows up to 512 Intel Xeon processor cores with up to 6 Tflops of processing power to fit into a standard rack.
  • DTR's business model reveals that thinking big is not always the answer

    On The StraightNarrow
    Laser-like focus on building servers for a very specific niche market while settling on a single vendor as the primary source for key components has paid off for system builder DTR Business Systems.
  • DriveClone's Got Your Backup
    FarStone's DriveClone Pro is one of the easiest-to-use hard-drive imaging and backup offerings on the market. The software installs in seconds and provides many useful, quick data-transfer capabilities.
  • Microsoft's Watson: It's Just A Vacation
    Allison Watson wants partners to know she has no plans to vacate her position as Microsoft's worldwide channel chief after the vendor's annual worldwide partner conference, slated for July 10-11 in Denver.
  • Popular SMB accounting package will now run on Linux, as well as Windows, servers.

    Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Enters Linux Fold
    Intuit's QuickBooks Enterprise accounting package for SMBs will now run on Linux, as well as Windows, servers.