Operating systems

  • Super Blade
    While tier-one vendors continue to duke it out over whose blade servers are the most quiet, most powerful and most effective, San Jose, Calif.-based Super Micro Computer Inc. is making a powerful case for its own blade offering to be considered among the industry leaders.
  • New Intel-Powered RAID Offering
    With the release of RocketRAID 3520, HighPoint Technologies Inc., Milpitas, Calif., is taking hardware RAID to another level. The 3520 RAID controller comes with Intel Corp.'s new IOP 341 high performance I/O processor, which includes a multiported 533 MHZ DDR 2 cache memory controller that can store up to 4 Gbytes of 64-bit memory. The chip's speed of 1.2 GHz provides realtime RAID functionality.
  • Microsoft Issues Warning On Home Server
    Microsoft cautions customers not to use certain applications as it looks into reports that a file corruption bug in Windows Home Server is more serious than it originally thought.
  • Microsoft To Open Source: Let's Be Friends
    No, it's not an April Fool's joke: Microsoft has announced a sweeping strategy for embracing interoperability and offering an olive branch to open source communities.
  • 10 Predictions For The Chip Market In 2008
    This year looks to be filled with technological innovation and oversold hype in the processor arena, with business rumors that don't pan out and surprises that shock us all. Here, a panel of industry experts comprising vendors, analysts and solution providers discuss what they think will be the most important chip stories to watch in 2008.
  • Review: Stoked On Intel's Stoakley
    Today's quad-core servers are powerful enough to run the most complex applications available. In some ways the days of bloated code are back, but execution time is less noticeable due to these multicore chips.
  • Review: Apache A Work In Progress
    For those that have never heard of Apache Software Foundations' Open For Business (OFBiz) Project, pay attention, because there's no stopping how far the open-source back-office application framework can go.