CRN Applications and OS News

  • IBM Simplifies Tivoli For SMBs
    A less complicated, less expensive, and less intimidating version of IBM's Tivoli IT management product is being rolled out for mid-sized customers, IBM said Friday.
  • Microsoft Releases Windows Vista Enterprise CTP
    Microsoft kicked off the beta 2 testing cycle for Windows Vista on Wednesday with the release of its planned Enterprise Community Technology Preview (CTP) for businesses, which represents the first feature-complete test version of Vista.
  • Microsoft May Look To 'Smart Shoring'
    Microsoft is weighing a move into “smart shoring.” The software giant is considering an “onshore-only” support option for new products, including its upcoming Office 2007.
  • Microsoft Offshore ISV Plan In Pilot
    Microsoft is pilot-testing a program dubbed NXT with several offshore delivery partners to help reluctant ISVs migrate IBM AS/400-based and other legacy applications to .Net at lower costs.
  • ShadowRAM: February 20, 2006
    You gotta hand it to HP&'s Mark Hurd. He routinely takes questions from the press after each earnings release. IBM&'s Sam Palmisano, by contrast, makes like the Wizard of Oz. His only comments come from behind the curtain via a prepared statement with the latest numbers, and he&'s never on the call. An IBM tradition, maybe, but one that&'s outmoded. Maybe Hurd&'s openness is one reason HP is on a roll. And maybe Mr. Palmisano should reconsider his decision to opt out of a keynote at next month&'s IBM PartnerWorld.
  • Gray Matters
    Independent distributors are hardly hiding behind closed doors. Instead, they&'re very open about how much their businesses have grown as VARs look to them to source products. Major vendors such as Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems are taking action to shut down what they call ‘gray marketers.&' VARs, however, say the issue&'s not so black-and-white.
  • Borland Says Goodbye to IDE, Refocuses on ALM
    The success of open-source compilers and, to a lesser extent, Eclipse in the Java community have driven Borland to concentrate on its application life-cycle management products and drop its compilers and IDE technology.
  • Briefs: February 20, 2006
    Dell reported 52 percent earnings growth for its most recent quarter, handily beating Wall Street expectations, but the PC maker dampened forecasts for its current quarter.