CRN Applications and OS News

  • Quantum Leaps Into Security
    Quantum this week is moving to secure the data customers store on its tape-based and disk-based backup products with the introduction of its new Quantum Security Framework.
  • IBM Jumps On Open Document Bandwagon
    Even as Massachusetts backs down on its insistence on support for the Open Document Format, IBM is throwing its weight behind the emerging standard.
  • Competitors Can&'t Catch Up To Systinet
    Systinet has firmly positioned itself as “The Registry Company” with a mature product and features that current SOA implementers are now discovering as useful and necessary for their environments.
  • Sun Mimics Red Hat Model
    Sun Microsystems has at last delivered on its vow to become the Red Hat of the proprietary software world.
  • Follow The Leaders
    Those vendors looking for help fashioning the perfect storm channel program need look no further than the programs crafted by VARs to sell their own breakthrough solutions to channel colleagues. That&'s one of the themes of our cover story this week, which explores the growing phenomenon of VARs reselling products and services from other VARs.
  • Novell's Linux Business Gains Steam
    Novell's Linux business increased 30 percent to $61 million for the quarter, including a tripling of SUSE Enterprise Linux server subscriptions to 65,000.
  • Microsoft Jumps Into Security Market
    Microsoft formally stepped into the consumer security market on Wednesday, making its Windows One Care Live service available for a free download.
  • Vista Test Code To Be Feature-Complete By Year's End
    Microsoft plans to finish a feature-complete version of Windows Vista client by the end of December but did not provide a date customers can get beta 2, which is expected in early 2006. Microsoft said it will skip the November Community Technology Preview and said the next CTP will be available in December.
  • Microsoft's Oasis Pushes More App Dev Offshore
    Microsoft has embarked on an internal IT effort called Oasis to move more of its internal app dev work to partners such as Infosys, Wipro, Tata, EDS and BearingPoint. Microsoft also launched a new set of solutions and services and a new concept center in India with Infosys.
  • Briefs: November 28, 2005
    A California judge approved a legal settlement last Tuesday that will require Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to donate $100 million to charity and pay an additional $22 million to the attorneys who sued him for alleged stock-trading abuses.
  • Microsoft And Dell
    Kurt Kolb, Microsoft&'s vice president of system builder and license compliance, likes to talk about the big investments the software giant is making in the system builder channel. And Microsoft is indeed making a whole new wave of investments ranging from a “buy local” program that encourages end users to buy from local system builders to beefed-up technical support. The one area Kolb does not want to talk about, though, is the price gap between what Dell pays for Windows and Office and what system builders pay for those same products. It&'s a sore spot that has existed for years.
  • Ingres Database Pushed Out Of CA Nest
    At least some VARs hope Computer Associates International&'s recent decision to spin out its Ingres business to a separate company will give the pioneering database the attention it has lacked for years.
  • EMC Strengthens Software Bid
    In a bid to bolster its software arsenal, EMC has released several new data-protection and SAN- management packages that could prove pivotal to the Hopkinton, Mass.-based storage company's growth, particularly as hardware prices continue to drop and margins for commercial gear diminish.