CRN Applications and OS News

  • Failure's No Option For Avokia apLive
    Avokia&'s database virtualization game plan is to eliminate single points of failure in large-scale database implementations that typically run across different sites and geographies.
  • Is Windows Safer?
    Cracking the security space is not an easy task, and Microsoft has seen more than its share of troubles with its Windows operating system. But now the software giant claims it has made great strides in battling the spate of viruses and worms infesting the industry and is ready to take on competitors with a host of new technologies and services.
  • MSP Platform Price War Looming
    A price war in the booming market for MSP platforms is set to be waged when LPI Level Platforms releases a new version of its software at a dramatically lower price on Feb. 28.
  • Business Objects To Acquire Firstlogic
    Business Objects plans to acquire Firstlogic, a developer of data quality management software and services, in a deal valued at about $69 million, the companies said Wednesday.
  • Linux Creator Calls GPLv3 'Crusade'
    Linux creator Linux Torvalds is continuing to distance himself from the philosophy behind the GNU General Public License as it undergoes a second revision.
  • Novell Hopes To Add Sizzle To Linux Desktops
    Hoping to add a little more sizzle to Linux desktops, Novell on Tuesday released several enhancements to its Xgl graphics subsystem that should allow developers and VARs to build flashier-looking Linux-based applications that will better resemble those offered on Windows and Apple's Mac OS X.
  • A Virtual Solution To A Real Problem
    Thanks to Altiris&' Software Virtualization Solution (SVS) 2.0, the Test Center engineers found that SVS has the potential to rewrite the rules of how software is pushed down to client systems.
  • VMware Updates Delayed
    VMware plans to make available a free entry-level virtualization server this quarter but will delay the delivery of its highly anticipated ESX3 and VirtualCenter 2 until the second quarter.
  • CRN Interview: IBM's Ambuj Goyal
    Ambuj Goyal, general manager of IBM Information Management talked with CRN Industry Editor Barbara Darrow last week about the group's new free database and IBM's view that information management is much more than databases. Goyal started his new gig in August. He had previously headed the IBM/Lotus group responsible for portals and collaboration tools.
  • The Apple Store: When POS Becomes Pop Culture
    I couldn&'t resist the chance to peek at a brand-new Apple Store in New Jersey before the crowds descended. What I saw provides not only a primer in POS practices but a lesson in pop culture.
  • SAP&'s Give And Take
    SAP gives with one hand, takes away with another. The company bolstered channel hopes last week with a “comp neutral” sales plan for better attacking SMBs. But it also unveiled its long-awaited hosted CRM (with surprise partner IBM), which is available at this time only direct from SAP.
  • Seagate Drive Stores 30 Percent More
    Seagate Technology is increasing the capacity of its 2.5-inch hard drives to 160 Gbytes using a new technique called perpendicular recording.