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  • Linux, Unix Players Beef Up Security
    Even as Microsoft announces IE 7's support for InfoCards and planned Certificate Lifecycle Server, rivals Sun, Red Hat, and Novell try to one-up one another -- and Microsoft -- with security enhancements for Solaris and Linux.
  • Microsoft, SAP tap 'the little guys' to spread the good word on apps

    Vendors Think Small
    Software vendors see big opportunities in the small-business market. In fact, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and others have all been focusing on ways to make it easier and more cost-effective for smaller businesses--many of which don't have an IT manager or staff--to purchase and use technology.
  • Need more memory or speed? Here's how to choose.

    Is An Upgrade Worth the Time?
    Are your customers complaining that their screen redraws are taking forever as they run big apps? Are their formerly white-hot PCs no longer powerful enough to run the latest versions of Windows or Linux?
  • Microsoft, EMC Eye Enterprise Search
    The tech world has an insatiable appetite for search. Indeed, the planet&'s two largest search engines, Google and Yahoo, are creating much of the buzz, but a growing number of players are seeking to improve searches not only across the Web, but across the enterprise and desktop as well.
  • Architecting A Solution
    Telelogic&'s System Architect is positioned as an enterprise architecture and business process management solution.
  • rBuilder designed by several ex-Red Hat execs

    rPath Launches Linux Appliance, SaaS Platform
    Linux startup founded by key Red Hat execs launches rPath Linux and rBuilder to enable appliance and software-as-a-service development
  • Partnership is latest in string of alliances between proprietary and open-source software vendors

    Microsoft Teams With SugarCRM
    Microsoft has formed a partnership with rival SugarCRM, the latest in a rising number of alliances between proprietary software giants and open-source companies.
  • Oracle Buys Sleepycat
    Oracle on Tuesday said it has acquired Sleepycat Software, an Emeryville, Calif., open-source database vendor.
  • Oracle to integrate Fusion with HP's SOA lineup

    HP, Oracle Sign SOA Deal
    Hoping to bolster each other's strategy around service-oriented architectures (SOAs), Hewlett-Packard today is announcing a joint effort with Oracle to integrate Oracle's Fusion Middleware into its SOA portfolio.
  • Scalix, Open-Xchange, others update wares.

    E-mail Wars Rage On
    E-mail players Scalix, Open-Xchange rev up updates.
  • Failure's No Option For Avokia apLive
    Avokia&'s database virtualization game plan is to eliminate single points of failure in large-scale database implementations that typically run across different sites and geographies.
  • Cracks in Windows security have taken their toll on Microsoft and its partners. Now, the software giant says, it has turned the corner and is ready to battle rivals for a leadership position.

    Is Windows Safer?
    Cracking the security space is not an easy task, and Microsoft has seen more than its share of troubles with its Windows operating system. But now the software giant claims it has made great strides in battling the spate of viruses and worms infesting the industry and is ready to take on competitors with a host of new technologies and services.
  • Microsoft's New Math
    Steel yourself for a whole new set of benchmarks by which to measure your performance.