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  • EDial Simplifies Corporate Communication Needs
    Solution providers looking to wring more functionality out of VoIP technology can turn to converged communication solutions or unified communications environments. Voice has become only a single component of today's complex enterprise communication schemes, as e-mail, instant messaging (IM), videoconferencing and more are used to both improve efficiency and ease overall communication demands.
  • Sagestone Has a Hand In Life-Saving Solution
    Most people seeking medical attention trust physicians to find the best solution to their medical problems. But research from the U.S. Institute of Medicine in the last several years suggests that getting the right diagnosis can be more of a crapshoot than most doctors would prefer to admit.
  • HP, Xerox Printers Deliver Performance, Easy Setup
    Hewlett-Packard and Xerox are some of the best-known makers of color laser printers. HP has just introduced the LaserJet 3700n, a direct competitor to Xerox's Phaser 6250, which won the 2003 CRN Test Center Printer of the Year award. And Xerox just unveiled its Phaser 7750, a direct competitor to HP's LaserJet 9500, which last year produced the best-looking images ever seen by Test Center engineers.
  • Report: Microsoft Should Share Windows XP Reloaded Details
    Microsoft should disclose more details about Windows XP Reloaded, a significant enhancement to Windows XP and give enterprises a more accurate timetable for the product's release and expected life cycle, said a research firm in a recently published advisory.
  • Psion Faces Revolt Over Symbian Sale To Nokia
    The future of the Symbian mobile phone operating system group has been clouded after the largest shareholder in Psion announced its opposition to the mobile computing company's $252 million sale of its Symbian stake to Nokia.
  • Intel Narrows Forecast, Lowers Midpoint
    Semiconductor giant Intel Corp. lowered the midpoint of its first-quarter revenue estimates Thursday, saying demand for its microprocessors was at the lower end of seasonal expectations.
  • Michael Dell to keep present role, chairman title

    Rollins Tapped As Dell CEO
    Dell's board of directors tapped Kevin Rollins, its current president, to assume the additional title of CEO from founder Michael Dell, the company said Thursday.
  • Judge Puts IBM Lawsuits On Hold
    SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) -- More than 40 lawsuits against IBM Corp. are on hold after a judge ordered the parties to try settling the disputes.
  • EU May Force Change In Microsoft Windows
    Going beyond Microsoft's settlement of U.S. antitrust charges, the European Union wants to force the software giant to offer computer makers a version of Windows without any multimedia program to give rival companies a better shot at getting their products on consumers' desktops, sources said Wednesday.
  • Former WorldCom CEO Turns Himself In To FBI
    Former WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers surrendered Wednesday to face federal charges that he conspired with his chief financial officer to cook the company's books in the biggest corporate fraud in American history.
  • Calypso Warns It Will Enforce Roaming Patent
    Calypso Wireless said Wednesday it is contacting mobile device vendors to warn them that it will enforce a patent that covers roaming between cellular data systems and shorter-range networks such as wireless LANs.
  • Westcon Seeks $115 Million In IPO
    Westcon Group has registered for a $115 million initial public offering, according to a document filed Wednesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • With as competitive portfolio as it has had in years, Big Blue looks to grow

    IBM In the Driver’s Seat
    There's a swagger and spirit in the step of IBM not seen in years.