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  • <I>CRN</I> Interview: John Paget, Synnex
    John Paget has run a manufacturing plant, a solution provider, an enterprise distributor and a financing organization. Why would he want to enter the low-margin business of broadline distribution? In his first interview since being named North American President and COO of Synnex, Paget spoke with CRN Distribution Editor Scott Campbell about why he joined Synnex.
  • Marketing 101
    Most solution providers are accidental entrepreneurs. That means they typically got into the business because of their technical acumen and then, through happenstance, wound up running a business.
  • Capparelli new senior VP of U.S. sales; Bradley interim N.A. president

    Ingram's Collins Resigns, Cites 'Career Objectives'
    Pat Collins resigned last week as senior group vice president of sales and marketing at Ingram Micro after the Santa Ana, Calif.-based distributor would not promote him to president of North American operations, sources said.
  • Program will place former IBM employees with Business Partners

    IBM Invests In Retraining
    IBM is set to launch a new plan that will retrain IBM employees to work for Business Partners' organizations.
  • New Model: Knowledge On Demand
    The changing economics of the channel are coming to dictate a "knowledge-on-demand" model for solution providers and vendors.
  • Polywell FX-53 PC Packs Quite A Punch
    PCs have come a long way from the traditional beige tower. Many now include novelty add-ons for chic looks and are built for high performance to handle demanding projects. There is also an increasing call for systems built for digital rendering and high-end graphics projects, and many of these systems are being powered by Advanced Micro Devices' 64-bit architecture.
  • ShadowRAM: June 14, 2004
    Words we never ever imagined writing: France's president, Jacques Chirac, has gotten his "Groove" on"along with the other members of the G-8.
  • Extending Your Partner Network
    The best VARs recognize when they need to cast outside their own organizations and find others with specialized skills, specialized vertical-market expertise, or just the right connections.
  • Symantec, Veritas Tweak Partner Programs
    Two of the fastest-growing giants in software unveiled major changes to their partner programs last month, further underscoring significant shifts inside and around the channel community. Symantec has introduced a plan to reclassify its partner allies by the size of the customer they sell to, rather than technical capabilities they have in-house as many other vendors do.
  • Road Rage Goes Digital
    Sean McIntyre has a message for frustrated commuters on the verge of road rage: Don't get mad--get digital.
  • HP Unveils Server Blade Road Map
    Hewlett-Packard believes that server blades will rival traditional tower-and-rack systems within a few years, and released plans to expand its portfolio to include Opteron and Itanium-based blades.
  • Intel Clears Up Tejas Confusion
    Intel is revamping its microprocessor lineup to emphasize multicore chips, putting to rest rising confusion about its road map in the wake of the company's recent cancellation of its Tejas processor.
  • IBM Rearchitects The Desktop
    Will IBM's latest attempt to stake a piece of the desktop hold water this time around? Big Blue is actively recruiting partners to support its new WorkPlace release. Built on the open-source Eclipse framework, WorkPlace will let customers dynamically run standard components, including customized programs as well as packaged apps from ISVs, Microsoft Office and lower-cost productivity programs.
  • TechWatch: Storage Edition
    Welcome to the all-storage edition of TechWatch. We've tested three of the more innovative products to save your files.
  • Distribution: Rethinking Priorities
    The distributor's role was once largely defined by a pick-pack-ship response to demand generated by vendors. But today, distributors have become "channel architects," driving sales through involvement in vendor, reseller and end-user demand-generation programs, according to a study unveiled last month.