Concern Over Cybersecurity Grows, But Online Activity Remains Same

While Americans are more concerned about personal information being stolen or misused through computer networks, many have not altered their online activity, according to a national study conducted recently by the Information Technology Association of America and Tumbleweed Communications, a provider of content-management solutions. The study revealed that late last year more than 70 percent of Americans were concerned about Internet and computer security as a result of the Sept. 11 attacks. Seventy-eight percent of respondents said they were either "very" or "somewhat" concerned that personal information, such as social security information, veteran health-care records and welfare information, could be misused. But despite those fears, respondents hadn't made major changes in their online behavior, states the survey. While only 7 percent of respondents said they use the Internet "a lot less" since Sept. 11, 34 percent said their usage has stayed the same. Meanwhile, 5 percent said they are using the Internet "a lot more" for news updates and information.

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