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  • BEA, Accenture Simplify Enterprise Portals
    BEA Systems and Accenture have announced a portal package that can help enterprises untangle the confusing web of customer, employee and partner portals that can contribute to the high cost of complexity in enterprises.
  • Survey: 17 Percent Of Americans Are Wireless
    About 17 percent of Americans--or about 21 million people--have logged on to the Internet using wireless devices, according to a research report released Tuesday by Pew Research.
  • Avaki Updates 'EII' Software To Boost Distributed Queries, Integration
    The emerging market for enterprise information integration got a boost Tuesday when Avaki released the updated version of its self-named software. Avaki 5.0 now supports distributed queries and data manipulation, and provides an overarching framework for managing data integration tools from a variety of vendors.
  • Intel's Otellini: Next-gen mobile chip could launch next month

    Dothan Shipping To OEMs
    Intel has begun shipping its next-generation mobile processor, code-named Dothan, to OEMs ahead of an expected May launch, said Paul Otellini, the chipmaker's president, in a call with financial analysts.
  • But chipmaker's profit, sales see year-over-year growth

    Intel Misses 1Q Earnings Forecast By A Penny
    Chipmaker Intel fell a penny short of financial analysts' consensus forecast for its first-quarter profit, posting net income of 26 cents per share.
  • BEA And Veritas Forge Partnership
    BEA Systems put some skin in the utility computing game this week by inking a sweeping partnership with storage maven Veritas. The multifaceted deal will tightly align the companies' respective products, and sales and marketing efforts.
  • Intel Pushing Pricing Down With New Itanium
    Working to drive down overall pricing in its high-end, 64-bit Itanium processor line, Intel has begun shipping a new 1.4GHz version of the processor that the company says will significantly cut down the cost of dual-processor systems.
  • Releases Spring Update
    Spring is in the air and--like a well-timed lunar has issued the latest seasonal release of its self-named CRM service. Announcing the update Monday from both San Francisco and New York, the company also touted its new Studio feature as well as the next version of its sforce deployment platform.
  • Caution Ahead Of Intel Earnings
    Intel is gearing up to release its first-quarter earnings Tuesday, amid a market anxious for good news and signs of a continued, upbeat recovery.
  • Me And the Mob
    I didn't really know what to expect when I showed up at the gym at the University of San Francisco last Saturday, April 3, to participate in the first "Flash Mob Computing" event. But it turned out to be one of those incredible days where I learned a lot, met some great people and had a blast. During all of this, history was being made as several hundred PCs were networked together to form one of the largest supercomputers.
  • South Korean Company Sues Microsoft
    A South Korean Internet portal company filed an antitrust lawsuit Monday against Microsoft, alleging the U.S. computer software giant violated trade regulations by tying instant messenger software to its Windows operating system.