Upstarts and Start-Ups: Anysoft

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Anysoft co-founder and CEO Illan Poreh aims to push 70 percent of the firm's sales through partners.

Illan Poreh says he formed Newton, Mass.-based Anysoft out of his own frustration with available application integration technologies. He wanted to find a way to integrate applications through front-end interfaces instead of having to rip into the back-end code or know the predefined interfaces of proprietary apps such as Siebel's or PeopleSoft's. Today, as CEO and co-founder of Anysoft, Poreh thinks he's found a way to do that: Digital Cortex, the start-up's soon-to-be-released flagship product that lets solution providers take information from an app's front end and put it on middleware or back-end systems to capture that data as a universal API. While Anysoft has not unveiled any significant channel relationships, Poreh said the company hopes 70 percent of its sales will go through partners.

> FOCUS: Created a technology that integrates applications across multiple platforms.
> REVENUE: Not available
> QUOTE: "We remove the boundaries between applications through a front-end approach." ,Illan Poreh

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