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  • Microsoft's Raikes Rallies Partners Around Office ’03
    True to fashion, Microsoft is spending big, plunking a whopping $150 million into the marketing and development of the new Office System. In addition to the glitzy TV ads, Microsoft has rallied business partners en masse to get the message out about the software's potential for collaboration and business-process integration. The executive charged with seeing it all come together is Jeff Raikes, a longtime Microsoft official and group vice president of productivity and business services. He recently agreed to speak with VARBusiness senior writer Carolyn A. April about his goals for Office System and the opportunity he sees for partners. For more of the interview, go to
  • Acer puts a tablet-PC twist on the everyday notebook

    Wireless Tech: The Radio Is on Fire
    There's no question that wireless is growing. According to VARBusiness' State of Technology survey, a large percentage of solution providers say wireless technology from premier vendors will be crucial in growing their revenue next year; for example, more than 53 percent of VARs surveyed say Cisco's wireless business will be very important to boosting their sales.
  • The Tao Of Software: Novell Takes ZENworks To a Higher Level
    A lot of software companies make great promises about their desktop-management software, then run into problems keeping them. That often leaves integrators to mop up the spill and assuage customers furious over spending too much on a solution that isn't working.
  • The latest digital projectors pack a real peripherals punch

    Sharper Image: Digital Projectors Pack a Peripherals Punch
    Choosing the best peripheral is like going to a dessert bar but limiting yourself to just one treat. The decision is difficult, but you can't really make a bad one. That the mp3130 digital projector from Hewlett-Packard beat ViewSonic's ThinEdge VP Series LCD displays and Xerox's new line of color-laser printers was a similar challenge.
  • Networks On The Rebound: Infrastructure Moves To the Forefront
    There's an old adage in IT that customers don't buy infrastructure--they buy applications, which drag along sales of servers, networking equipment, storage gear and other things. Funny thing about this IT economy, though: It's the infrastructure companies that are enjoying a big boom right now and seeing some of the quickest recoveries since things turned sour in 2000.
  • How To Profit From the Web Analytics Whirlwind
    Call Technology Leaders atypical in today's VAR universe, but it has no regrets about placing all of its eggs in one vendor's basket. In fact, the New York-based solution provider couldn't be happier in its commitment to NetIQ's WebTrends Reporting Center, the lone software forming the crux of the company's burgeoning Web-analytics business.
  • VARBusiness Picks Top Tech Innovators
    VARBusiness' first annual Tech Innovators Awards garnered 370 applications from more than 100 vendors. Products were judged on factors including newness, potential suitability for VARs and overall coolness. In the end, 24 companies were honored across eight technology categories. And the winners are...
  • Office System’s Best VAR Bets
    VARs looking to get more involved in Office System have to pick their areas of specialization. We have identified five key enhancements that are the most fruitful directions.
  • Last Issue Of ’03 Means It’s Time For My Predictions
    It's that time of the year when anyone with a platform and an opinion starts postulating their prognostications about what the coming year holds for the economy, political candidates, Martha Stewart and Michael Jackson. Here's what I see in the VARBusiness Crystal Ball for 2004.
  • Says rival is not a threat

    HP's Fiorina Takes Shot At Dell
    Taking a swipe or three at rival Dell, Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina said she views the company as "trapped" in the PC space and unlikely to pose a threat to HP in other businesses.
  • Works with HP to hone vertical solution sales

    Avnet Hall-Mark Launches Vertical Market Program
    Avnet Hall-Mark's Hewlett-Packard Business Unit launched a new vertical market program Monday in an effort to help solution providers build practices in health-care, manufacturing and financial verticals.
  • Time Warner Links With MCI, Sprint For Voice Over Internet
    Time Warner Cable announced a deal Monday with Sprint Corp. and MCI Inc. to offer phone service using the up-and-coming voice-over-Internet technology, one of the surest signs yet that cable companies are assaulting the local phone industry.