CRN Channel News

  • Mixed Results From RIM And PalmSource
    There is a good news-bad news scenario playing out in the PDA world, as Research In Motion (RIM)--which has the good news--and PalmSource Inc--which has the bad news--announced their financials.
  • A New Sibling For Best Software: Accpac International
    Providing further evidence of mass consolidation in the business-applications space, Best Software's parent company, Sage Group, on Tuesday announced plans to acquire rival software vendor Accpac International for $110 million in cash.
  • Arrangement gives Intel access to wireless technology

    Intel, PCTEL In Cross-Licensing Deal
    Working to shore up its severely underperforming wireless business, Intel has signed a cross-licensing agreement with PCTEL and agreed to pay the wireless solution provider $14.5 million, the companies said.
  • RIAA Plans New Lawsuits Soon
    Undaunted by a court decision making it more difficult to file lawsuits against Internet users suspected of illegally downloading songs, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is vowing to file more lawsuits "in the near future."
  • Stop Asking Your Vendor For Leads
    "Where are my leads?" Have you ever asked your vendor this question? Or how about asking a new vendor that is trying to court you as a solution provider: "What is your lead distribution like?" We all ask our vendors for leads because, quiet honestly, doing so is easier than generating them ourselves. Unfortunately, what we get in return is typically not the kind of leads we want. In fact, they can actually hurt business rather than help it.
  • Can Ellison Win With Grid?
    When Oracle launched its 10g database at the OracleWorld trade show last fall, it promised to usher in a new era of high-performance, low-cost computing that would revolutionize all kinds of industries. Although that may happen, VARs that don't already have significant expertise with grid concepts should proceed with caution.
  • Oracle Still Chasing Peoplesoft
    Oracle is holding the course in its hostile attempt to take over PeopleSoft in the face of delays and declining shareholder support for the takeover action.
  • Citrix Acquires Expertcity
    In its largest acquisition to date, Citrix Systems Thursday inked a definitive agreement to acquire Expertcity, a provider of Web-based desktop access and help-desk services, for $225 million in cash and stock.
  • D-Link Airspot Public/Private Service Gateway
    With wireless gateways dropping in price and increasing in feature sets, they are becoming a boon for small businesses to increase worker productivity. However, the security issues surrounding wireless networks often elicit immediate trepidation in solution providers and network administrators. D-Link Systems addresses these concerns with its new line of AirSpot gateways, specifically with the AirSpot DSA-3100, and so wins top honors among the year's wireless gateways for SOHO.
  • Maxtor OneTouch 250-Gbyte External Hard Drive
    No matter what type of business a company is in, the quality and availability of its data backup system is virtually as important as the data it protects. Without a solid backup solution, there's no telling what could happen if disaster strikes.
  • Hewlett-Packard TC2120
    For solution providers looking for a robust file server with a rich feature set and low cost to sell to small businesses, the HP TC2120 is the answer.
  • Xerox Phaser 6250
    For this year's printer of the year, the Test Center was looking for an SMB-friendly printer that was easy on the wallet while not making any compromises on features or performance. It also had to be small in size.
  • Hewlett-Packard NX7000
    Notebook computers are available in so many new and interesting shapes and sizes, it's getting harder to choose the best one. In picking the CRN Test Center notebook of the year, engineers wanted something a little different yet representative of the numerous advances in notebook technology in 2003. It had to be portable yet have a big screen. It had to be relatively lightweight yet be loaded with features. Also, a Centrino unit was preferable because of its high efficiency and long battery life.
  • Teros-100 Gateway
    2003 will go down in history as the year of the worm. We saw the Slammer, Sobig and Blaster worms, among others, spread throughout the Internet like wildfire, easily bypassing most security systems and causing widespread loss wherever they went. If the barrage of attacks in 2003 is a portent of what's to come in 2004, every solution provider has a responsibility to provide strong security to their customers.
  • Best Software MAS 90
    Best Software's MAS 90 came out on top of other vendors in the category for its ease of use and wealth of features by excelling in many areas that other ERP vendors find difficult to handle. Out of the box, MAS 90 arrives with more than 25 modules that cover everything from accounts payable to time slips. MAS 90 also includes modules for sales/purchase order, general ledger, material requirements panning (MRP), office link and work order.
  • Samsung 192MP
    In order for a monitor to be display of the year, the CRN Test Center felt it first had to be a flat-panel display at least 19 inches in size because anything smaller simply wouldn't be impressive at all. Then it had to have VGA and DVI inputs, S-Video and composite video inputs and built-in speakers. It was also decided that a built-in TV tuner couldn't hurt.
  • Microsoft Live Communication Server
    This year, two new products from Microsoft are for the first time offering enterprise collaboration capability and extending the Microsoft Office suite well beyond the desktop. This great leap forward propelled Live Communications Server and Windows SharePoint Services to the lead among knowledge management and collaboration products.
  • BEA Systems Weblogic Workshop
    BEA Systems' Weblogic Workshop is by far the most innovative development tool reviewed by CRN Test Center engineers this year. Workshop has the quickest learning curve of any Java development tool on the market and is the only one tested this year that makes development of composite applications an easy task.