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  • QandA: Ballmer, McNealy Tout Landmark Tech Pact
    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Sun Microsystems Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy on Friday spoke with the press about the landmark 10-year technology-sharing pact the two companies signed, ending a long-standing technology and legal feud. Below are excerpts from the question-and-answer session with the press.
  • News Analysis: Peace In Our Time?
    Picture this. A lone engineer toils away in an empty lab during Sun Microsystems' July 4th shutdown. Even the halls are empty when, suddenly, he sees what appears to be Bill Gates wandering by himself along the corridors of Sun's kingdom. Classic cartoon double take. It can't be. The engineer shrugs it off and goes back to work.
  • Behind the Sun-Microsoft Surprise Alliance
    Though it lasted but a few minutes, the phone call that Sun CEO Scott McNealy placed to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer a year ago may ultimately go down as one of the most significant, if not historic, in the storied histories of these two technology giants.
  • Test Center: Windows XP SP 2 Delivers Some Promised Security Ehancements
    The highly anticipated release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 looms on the horizon, leaving many to wonder if operating system update will be a cure for many of the security ills surrounding Windows XP. Months in the making, Microsoft promises the new service pack--set to ship by the end of the second quarter--promises to better secure Windows XP from attacks, such as the Blaster worm and buffer overruns, while also reducing pop-up advertisements and spam annoyances.
  • ShadowRam: April 5, 2004
    Apple's love-hate (well, maybe hate-hate affair) with its dealers continues apace. While shoppers "ooh" and "aah" over slick Apple retail stores, several independent Apple retailers aren't so enamored of the concept,and they're taking to the street, or the Web, to voice their displeasure.
  • EPIC spec slated for small form-factor boards

    New Embedded Standard Debuts
    A group of embedded, single-board computer manufacturers published a new industry standard for small form-factor boards.
  • New portal offers partners access to consolidated product data

    Sony Updates Channel Strategy
    Computer, peripheral and electronics giant Sony is taking the next step in its efforts to streamline its channel strategy by opening a new, consolidated Web portal that will act as a gateway to its far-reaching commercial product line.
  • Focus Is Power
    With corporate spending poised to return, specialty distributors find themselves in more demand by vendors and solution providers seeking help in developing the right solutions and programs to offer their customers. Whether it's adding more complex services or recruiting ISVs to complete a vertical solution, specialty distributors say they hold the key to driving growth.
  • Gary Quinn will lead charge to accelerate sales through partners

    CA's New Channel Plan
    Computer Associates International last week announced a sales restructuring that includes an aggressive new channel push spearheaded by one of its top executives.
  • Opportunity Beckons In Enterprise
    Things continue to look up. The most recent CRN Monthly Solution Provider Survey revealed the highest level of optimism concerning near-term sales growth in nearly four years. One reason is a strong increase in sales expectations to the enterprise market (companies with at least 1,000 employees).
  • Solution Providers Applaud Historic Sun-Microsoft Pact

    Burying The Hatchet
    In a historic and surprising move, Sun Microsystems and Microsoft last Friday buried the hatchet in their long-running legal and technology feud.
  • Microsoft mulls universal CAL, extranet options

    Big Changes In Licensing?
    Microsoft is hashing out dramatically different licensing options for the wave of next-generation Windows products, including a universal client access license (CAL) option, several sources said.
  • F5 Ignites Channel Program Support
    Application traffic management firm F5 Networks last week unveiled enhancements to its channel program in support of its flagship FirePass SSL VPN solution. The new features include broad online educational initiatives, a new evaluation program and an expanded online demo center.
  • Intel To Expand Its White-Box Offerings
    Intel is readying a barebones server product for its system builder channel that will bundle a chassis with several standard components, according to Jeff Richardson, general manager of Intel's Enterprise Platforms and Services Division.